Traducción de polka en Español:


polca, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpoʊ(l)kə//ˈpɒlkə//ˈpəʊlkə/


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    polca femenino
    polka femenino
    • She notified her parents of her well-being, justified her expenditures and asked for more money, and kept her friends and family entertained with the details of Paris festivals and dancing the polka.
    • Many Paraguayan dances resemble the polka as well as the waltz and the tango.
    • Most Americans are familiar with the polka, but few of them know that it is a Czech courtship dance.
    • Traditional dances such as the krakowiak, oberek, mazur, and the zbo'jnicki will be enjoyed at such occasions, as well as the polka, a popular dance.
    • Then it was the roustabout galop and the polka that were all the rage.
    • In short, we had an excellent time, and not just because we knew the polka from ‘The King and I.’
    • The polka and waltz are very popular, but Slovenes dance all major dances from the tango to the macarena.
    • The polka was a lively couple dance in 2/4 time, generally in ternary form with regular phrases, and was characterized by short rapid steps for the first beat and a half of the bar, followed by a pause or hop.
    • It was his flatmate who eventually roused them, crashing in through the front door exhorting the flat to come and see him dance the polka.
    • Can't blame him for preferring the samba to the polka.
    • He indicates that the Irish dances were fine, as long as there was not enough room for the more refined movements of the polka, quadrille, or minuet.
    • A geek film if ever there was one, UHF finally hits DVD care of MGM in a fine edition that will make fans all over the world rise up and do the polka!
    • I mean, his most fun was he'd invite people out of the audience to do the polka.
    • Of course, there are those of us who don't frequent the festhallen strictly for the polka.
    • As Keil notes, ‘most of middle-class Polonia hates the polka with a passion deeper than the Atlantic’.
    • Most would agree that it is probably better to have rhythm than to simply be good at doing the polka.
    • I did my first polka at their wedding not too - it was exhausting.
    • Grace rests at the side of the small ballroom as she watches Carey dance a polka with Johnny Pritchett.
    • The complexity of polka as a folk dance of international proportions blurs the distinctions between folk and world music and belies any attempts to classify it with convenient stylistic and cultural categories.
    • These guys are medley maniacs - Saint Bushmill's put together a three-part one for the reel, the jig, and the polka - each!