Traducción de polo en Español:


polo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpəʊləʊ//ˈpoʊloʊ/


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    polo masculino
    • John's own interest is rugby but he is well able to appreciate a good game of polo.
    • They love polo and love to share in the thrills and disappointments of tournaments.
    • Well, you don't play polo because you need that down payment on your mortgage.
    • How can they be world champions at polo, play magnificent hockey, soccer and rugby?
    • Yet with just two stripes on his sleeve, he also played polo, a sport which even millionaires find a bit pricey.
    • Used mainly as cavalry horses, the walers also excelled as mounts at polo, race meetings, and gymkhanas.
    • No one knows, not even those who are high handicap polo players know some of the things.
    • I like the way they play by heart, the open polo they play, and the way they ride on horseback.
    • At no time did the games disintegrate into one-man shows of polo prowess.
    • Ferry also knew Robert Thame, who has played polo with Prince Charles and his sons.
    • It is the only one in the world that has two golf courses and a large stadium for polo.
    • In Addis Ababa I came across horseriders playing polo, their lives apparently unaffected by war or famine.
    • That would have to include, fishing, shooting, polo, horseracing and many others.
    • This, say horseballers requires more skill than polo, in which players rely on reins and a whip.
    • Today polo is played worldwide, with the premier nations being Argentina, England and the USA.
    • The Gold Cup victory marked his triumphant return to the sport and to high goal polo.
    • In this interview Marcos confesses that he lives for more than simply playing polo.
    • Also I think that for the level of polo they are playing it is also a little difficult.
    • I think this club is prepared to host the most important polo event in this country.
    • Could you imagine that your sons become polo players and you can play together one day?