Traducción de polygamy en Español:


poligamia, n.

Pronunciación /pəˈlɪɡəmi//pəˈlɪɡəmi/


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    poligamia femenino
    • One in ten women live in polygamous marriages, although the practice of polygamy was banned under the Civil Code of 1926 modeled on the Swiss Civil Code of that time.
    • Although polygamy is a common practice among Arab men, with as many as four wives allowed, most Palestinian men have only one or two wives.
    • Despite Muslim sanctioning of polygamy, the custom was practiced in only one region of the country and currently is not practiced at all.
    • In 1904 church President Joseph F. Smith presented a second manifesto that disciplined those who continued to practice polygamy or perform plural marriages.
    • After all, there is already a great deal of precedent since, unlike gay marriage, polygamy has been widely practiced throughout history.
    • Some wealthy Tuareg men practice polygamy (having more than one wife at the same time).
    • Few could afford polygamous marriages, although polygamy varies both between rural areas and urban centers, and between ethnic groups.
    • He has other children and wives - polygamy is openly practiced by immigrants in Paris.
    • Although historically polygamy was practiced, the marriage system is now monogamous.
    • Polygyny (or polygamy; having several wives at one time), however, has been a prerogative in many societies.
    • The Utah-based Church in the late 19th century banned the practice of taking plural wives and ex-communicates members who practice polygamy.
    • Since polygamy is illegal in the United States, these marriage customs have created a serious problem in some immigrant households.
    • According to Vietnamese law, arranged marriage and polygamy are illegal.
    • We are told that Christians practiced polygamy for centuries after Jesus, and that it was not outlawed until the 19th century, and some Christian sects practice this even today.
    • Polyandry (multiple husbands) has recently been abolished; the practice of polygamy is legal provided the first wife grants her consent.
    • Mpika is one district in which people still practice polygamy and wife inheritance.
    • Despite the practice of polygamy and men's near-monopoly of religious offices, women have a comfortable social status as they are owners of the conjugal house.
    • Born in 1968 in Bamako, the country's capital, Sangare witnessed her mother and other women suffer under the accepted practice of polygamy, and she was determined not to be dictated to by men.
    • Senegal's 1973 family code obligates grooms to register their intentions at the time of the first marriage - opting for monogamy, limited polygamy with two wives, or full polygamy.
    • The combination of matrilocal residence and polygamy has produced the same effects that it has in the Comoros.