Traducción de Pom en Español:


inglés, n.

Pronunciación /pɒm//pɑm/


inglés de Australia
despectivo, argot

  • 1

    inglés masculino
    inglesa femenino
    • A jocular Englishman, Terry has been in New Zealand for 12 years, organising tours of the best dive spots for visiting Poms.
    • Twelve Kiwis, two Poms, two Germans and an Aussie, the latter a little depressed after the All Blacks had beaten the Wallabies overnight, assemble bikes and set off across the Baritt desert.
    • She advises which way we should jump, and almost invariably goes the American way, the argument generally boiling down to the fact that there are more Americans than Poms.
    • And on the streets of Brisbane the citizens were looking forward to it too, not least the Aussie who told Diane: ‘It's a good chance to beat the Poms, isn't it?’
    • Perhaps I should start a travel agency for jaded Poms!