Traducción de pompous en Español:


pomposo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpɑmpəs//ˈpɒmpəs/


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    (person) pomposo
    (person) pedante
    (person) presuntuoso
    (reply/word) pomposo
    (reply/word) ampuloso
    (word/reply) grandilocuente
    he's a pompous fool es un pedante y un imbécil
    • He'll have to swallow that pompous, condescending smile of his once he sees my marks.
    • It is here that Nazneen is to spend the rest of her days married to Chanu Babu - a pompous yet discreetly sensitive man twenty years her senior.
    • I've just deleted a very long and somewhat pompous sociology essay that you probably wouldn't have been able to bear reading all the way through.
    • Amrish Puri stars in one of the tales as a vain and pompous man.
    • He is arrogant, pompous, never misses a chance to show off his superiority, and drinks to excess.
    • You also said that your Dad always taught you that being pompous and self-important was just about the greatest sin of all.
    • Keith was painted as patronising and pompous, with a grandiose idea of her own importance.
    • I was pompous, arrogant and so full of my self that I thought that I could do anything.
    • There was rarely anything vicious about these jokes: they were leg pulling jokes which only the sensitive and pompous found annoying.
    • Fifth, the remedy cannot be pompous pontification or moral policing.
    • Taking an aristocrat's pompous and often unrealistic pontifications as an ideal for living is clearly not a good thing.
    • As if his letters were not a true indicator of his pompous attitude, Donovan in person was pretentious and rude.
    • Still, many Panelists who accepted the usage also remarked that it was pretentious or pompous.
    • But saying something on a grand scale is what fools or pompous pundits usually do.
    • Technical people too often seem distant, effete, imperious, and even pompous.
    • Aristotle's critics have pounced upon this sentence as an example of pompous obscurantism.
    • They look a little deeper into the matter without being pompous, arrogant or patronising.
    • Lord Irvine has always been portrayed as a pompous and arrogant.
    • I don't think anyone could read this behaviour in any other way than being pompous and patronising.
    • Many of the most pompous and arrogant men I've ever met have been obsessed by upgrading their flight tickets.