Traducción de ponce en Español:


proxeneta, n.

Pronunciación /pɑns//pɒns/


despectivo, argot

  • 1

    proxeneta masculino
    chulo masculino España coloquial
    padrote masculino México coloquial
    cafiche masculino Cono Sur coloquial
    • ‘When I hit my teenage years I said ‘acting's for ponces - I want to be a rock star and sing in a band instead’.
    • He proudly admits he is from hard-working peasant stock and sees me as lazy, vain and probably as a ponce.
    • Someone called me a ‘art-ponce’- the meaning of ponce is ‘someone who procures customers for whores’ - look it up.
    • You know you love prancing around like a ponce with new clothes.
    • So everybody knows the British are tea-drinking, snaggle-toothed ponces, and gay to boot.
    • There are no nancy girls, cross-dressers, pansies, butches, flip-flops or ponces.
    • So a colleague, faced with sentencing a Living on Immoral Earnings charge, whispered to the Clerk ‘How much do you give a ponce?’
  • 2

    (effeminate man)
    mariquita masculino coloquial despectivo