Traducción de ponder en Español:


considerar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈpɑndər//ˈpɒndə/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (evidence/implications) considerar
    (evidence/implications) reflexionar sobre
    (evidence/implications) cavilar sobre
    pondering her fate reflexionando / cavilando sobre su destino
    • he was left to ponder whether he had made the right decision quedó preguntándose si su decisión habría sido acertada
    • Between the explosions and chase scenes, The Island ponders the theme of how far science should go to extend lives.
    • When he's not writing protest poems about saving rocks, Albert ponders the meaning of life.
    • So, now we're pondering things we can do with the film now that it's made.
    • There is a subtle message to the reader who sits pondering the meaning of the titles.
    • The merest of pauses follow as he ponders his quick-fire response.
    • The Spanish Civil War itself proved a fitting setting for a film that ponders death and its finality.
    • I think I like her better when she's pondering out loud.
    • As he ponders the next option in his club career, it is just possible that a few proverbs from his native land are springing to mind once again.
    • He lay on his back in the Mater Hospital for weeks on end fighting the disease and pondering the future.
    • She ponders her resolution to post regularly, and how it relates to her relationship with her father.
    • Their lawyers are said to be pondering the matter of copyright infringement at the moment.
    • And if he is pondering this career move, it is unlikely to be the first time.
    • They have long conversations, pondering the twists of fate that separate success from failure.
    • Adrian pondered for a moment, deciding what the strange word she said meant.
    • One ponders the possibility of a rewritten script directed by Besson with Yuen staging the action.
    • She pondered for a second but then she realised that it was the panther.
    • I pondered for a minutes, then shook my head.
    • In an austere church in Geneva, he ponders the Calvinist influence.
    • Believe it or not they don't just sit indoors, pondering life and pausing occasionally to smell a rose.
    • Not only that, the filmmakers created a provocative action film that ponders the essence of reality and identity.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to ponder on/over sth reflexionar / cavilar sobre algo
    • I have often pondered on his true motives más de una vez me he preguntado cuáles serían sus verdaderos motivos
    • we were pondering over the various alternatives estábamos sopesando las diferentes alternativas