Traducción de ponderous en Español:


lento y pesado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpɒnd(ə)rəs//ˈpɑnd(ə)rəs/


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    (movement/gait) lento y pesado
    • His jumping is crisp and accurate at this game, whereas he can often be slow and ponderous over fences.
    • ‘A lot of big fighters are slow and ponderous, but I apply myself on my speed as opposed to power,’ he said.
    • Joaquin came in for the ponderous Luis Enrique and made such an impact that one wondered how he was not preferred to the veteran Barcelona player before now.
    • Stansfield had lost none of his ability in winning the ball in the air but on the ground he was slow and ponderous and a number of defensive errors became attributed to him.
    • One of the rules of radio: nimble and facile is preferable to ponderous and slow.
    • Certainly his deft karate skills have become slow and ponderous.
    • In addition to hauling their own weight, the ponderous vehicles must plow about 17 tons of air out of their way every mile!
    • The jury remains out on whether the ponderous Blanc can replace the discarded Jaap Stam and the champions have leaked seven goals in the four games he has played.
    • He was too slow, too ponderous; he had a big, heavy punch, but there was nothing spontaneous about him in the ring.
    • After Jurassic Park, the monster looked so slow and ponderous it was pretty funny.
    • At times in that second stanza, Glasgow plodded around like one of the infamous local vehicles run on illegal cooking oil: wheezy, ponderous and not too reliable.
    • The superior fitness and organisation within the Malton side was always going to cause problems for a ponderous and ageing visiting side who had little to offer apart from a big front row.
    • Arthur Thatford was the slow, ponderous sort, and his sister little better.
    • I'll box and battle him, and make him look slow and ponderous.
    • The Nissan Patrol drives as it looks - heavy and a little ponderous.
    • He had a pretty good beard going and he moved with a slow, ponderous deliberation, like he was reaching the end of a long journey.
    • Foreman was thought to be slow and ponderous heading into his title fight with Frazier.
    • So often last season, those two provided the creative spark going forward, whereas the current side looks ponderous and predictable in the final third by comparison.
    • As per the vehicle's steering and handling, it is generally ponderous and has a slow response to steering inputs.
    • That final resting place of ponderous pachyderms would be, for the unscrupulous and disturbingly clean bad guy, the mother lode of ivory.
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    (speech/explanation) pesado
    • The hymn has a heavy, ponderous, sonorous melody that goes all the way back to the chants of the fourth century.
    • LaGamma's essay in particular is informative without being ponderous.
    • The very slow action and scene progression of Rainmaker may appear overly ponderous, but is quite effective in conveying the desperation of the characters.
    • Her meticulous nature and ponderous pauses would lead to drawn out silences that could terminate any argument in a concise finale, leaving you in no doubt who was right and who was wrong.
    • After a half hour of ponderous, laugh-free, heavy dialogue, I reclassified Prizzi's Honor as a serious mob movie.
    • No other architect has made the slow, ponderous, collaborative business of construction into such a direct expression of his demented, agonised, fertile soul.
    • This opera is long and ponderous enough, and though there is much depth to plumb, the tempos, to me, must move along.
    • Congress had managed to wade through the ponderous 200-page tome.
    • Like The End Of Violence, it sometimes feels clumsy and ponderous, and seems unlikely to attract more than a cult audience.
    • House of the Spirits was stilted and ponderous and written with a poor command of the nuances of English.
    • That we heard Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, saying it's too slow, it's too ponderous.
    • The courts move in their usual ponderous manner.
    • The price is obscene, and I often find the typical article… ponderous.
    • The book's long, ponderous descriptions of southern landscapes and sub-Faulknerian dialogue led some readers to suspect that the hero was in no hurry to see her again.
    • The response of university authorities has been slow and ponderous.
    • Most contemporary Baptists would find a sermon like this ponderous and pedantic.
    • Beck's answers are slow and considered, thoughtful to the point of being ponderous.
    • There's no point in comparing the graphic novel Road to Perdition with the respectable though somewhat ponderous movie based on it.
    • Government-by-committee and persistent bureaucratic controls lead to ponderous decision-making.
    • They are only intended to add ponderous weight to Eastwood's simple, plodding narrative, which might as well be a 45 minute episode of a cop show.