Traducción de pontifical en Español:


pontificio, adj.

Pronunciación /pɑnˈtɪfɪk(ə)l//pɒnˈtɪfɪk(ə)l/


  • 1

    (of the Pope) pontificio
    (of the Pope) pontifical
    (of a bishop) pontifical
    • He set up the pontifical commission Ecclesia Dei (Church of God) to cater for supporters of the Tridentine Mass.
    • The Catholic Church and the pontifical council are at the epicenter of ecumenism for many reasons, not least because well over half the Christians in the world are Catholics.
    • More important, having been taught at university to question everything, to take nothing ‘on faith,’ they are quick to criticize pontifical pronouncements.
    • The Pope puts on his pontifical clericals - white soutane and skull cap.
    • A few years ago I had a part in interesting the late Cardinal O'Connor and Cardinal Cassidy, then head of the pontifical council for Christian unity, in the Bruderhof's desire for a closer relationship with the Catholic Church.
  • 2

    • It is almost quaint that Isaacson, as he deconstructs the polemical and pontifical Time, is still thinking about people having debates and of journalism as the basis for social discourse.
    • It would be far better to have sharply contrasted views in succession, in alteration, than to have this copious stream of pontifical, anonymous mugwumpery with which we have been dosed for so long.
    • In a less pontifical mood, he agreed that his writing was ‘trivial.’
    • Ives totally mistrusted the cosmopolitan musical circles with their classic-worshipping conductors, snobbish patrons, and pontifical music critics.
    • As with many pontifical statements, careful parsing of the message and interpretation of its meaning will be required before most hospitals change any of their rules for inpatient or hospital care.
    • An era of incorporation fostered a pontifical tone in American arts criticism.
    • Direct bribery was also common, and represented a massive outlay - in the late 60s, Caesar had accumulated debts of several thousand talents due to his aedileship, his praetorian campaign, and his pontifical campaign.