Traducción de pony en Español:


poni, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpoʊni//ˈpəʊni/

nombrePlural ponies

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    poni masculino
    • He conducted his study using 62 horses and ponies of mixed breeds, from Cob to Connemara, aged between two and 30 years of age.
    • Make sure it's a pony or horse who will teach your child, give them confidence, and will be a lot of FUN.
    • Joan introduced them to her pride and joy, the lovely Yorkshire terriers she bred and her three ponies.
    • There was a farm with a pony, racehorses, Poll Hereford cattle, a Fiat tractor and a bocce course.
    • Warner, who has rescued Thoroughbreds off the racetrack before, plans to keep Big Rut as a lead pony or show horse.
    • Hundreds of thousands of gallons of water from the RDS on-site well, which can deliver up to 15,000 litres an hour, are being used to irrigate the grounds for the horses and ponies.
    • I am very happy that my parents protected me and raised me with cats, dogs, a pony and horse.
    • General Slim listed carrier pigeons, dogs, ponies, mules, horses, bullocks, buffaloes, and elephants as all being used by his Fourteenth Army in the Burma campaign.
    • It was a great success with many riders taking the opportunity to school their pony or horse around the excellent course before taking part in the competition.
    • By the age of 13, Jemima was gaining fame as a show jumper, qualifying with her pony for the 1987 Horse of the Year Show.
    • Galloway ponies and running horses - early English racehorses - were bred at Helmsley, on the Earl of Rutland's estate.
    • Mrs Lomas said: ‘There might be children or adults who would like a pony or horse.’
    • She said that the aim of the project was to provide the opportunity for children who wouldn't normally be able to afford it to be able to ride a pony or horse.
    • The riding school provides group and individual classes for equestrians of all ages and abilities who get to saddle up one of 11 horses and ponies.
    • However, a pony and two horses - including the injured one called Shauna - were later recovered.
    • He added that Ireland has 75,500 horses and ponies, with thoroughbred horses accounting for an estimated £100 million per annum in exports.
    • You can enjoy the Wild West Horse, Hound and Music Show, which will feature barrel racing, trick riding, comic horses, Appaloosa ponies and American Quarter Horses.
    • You do not have to own a pony or horse and can be taught alone or in groups.
    • The show began on Saturday, July 30 at 10 am with classes for style and appearance for horses and ponies followed by working hunter horses and ponies.
    • And the pony has the run of her Australian family's home, enjoying spaghetti, pizza, cake, cartoons and beer, all the stuff that horses and ponies seem to like.
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    (drinking glass)
    copita femenino
    • In a pony glass, combine the bourbon, brown sugar and simple syrup.
    • Coat a Martini or pony glass with grenadine, pour gin and peppermint schnapps over ice, shake, strain and pour into glass.
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    • 3.1US slang


    • 3.2British slang

      veinticinco libras
      • Indeed, the amount of 25 pounds sterling - like an equine pony, not overly large, but substantial at the time - was called "a pony."
      • The opening lyrics include "stick a pony in my pocket", pony being London slang for 25 pounds sterling.