Traducción de poodle en Español:


caniche, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpudl//ˈpuːd(ə)l/


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    caniche masculino
    he was the President's poodle era el perrito faldero del Presidente despectivo
    • Because he's been such a toy poodle for corporations that now are proving to be systemically corrupt, Harvey's been taking heat, including bipartisan demands that he resign.
    • The clean, dry perfumes of newsprint, ink and decent analysis are replaced by the whiff of political poodles marking their territories.
    • Why don't you and your poodle of a Foreign Minister try setting up a democracy with individual liberties in, say, France first.
    • She knows that going into government as Fianna Fáil poodle would be even more damaging than being stuck out on the wilderness of the Opposition benches.
    • In James Naughtie's book, far from being America's poodle, the British Prime Minister emerges as America's Alsatian, a watchdog which forewarns of danger and then helps combat it.
    • When the poodle gets out of politics, they should start measuring his neck.
    • I'm tired, and a lot of others are tired, of people like Mr. Keene and his Raleigh lap poodle Mike Regan using our religion for political purposes.
    • He steadfastly maintained his independence and never allowed the Bank to become a poodle of political causes.
    • Particularly stinging is the… suggestion that the government has been playing poodle to its American masters.
    • Symbian's rivals have been tagging the company as Nokia's poodle for a couple of years now, and the deal is being widely seen as confirmation.
    • Blair, content with a kennel full of poodles in the Commons, will never allow such a thing.
    • It is well known that the US government - like that of her British poodle - favour universities as a method of recruiting spies.
    • But secondly, with the SNP continually waiting the chance to describe him as London's poodle, there is the political imperative for him to do so, in order to prove them wrong.
    • More worryingly, perhaps he did not know the actual cause for the delays when he ranted about ‘political poodles.’
    • Parsons said recently that he has seen the committee described as ‘the pampered poodles of the management board’ and he had found himself unable to disagree with that phrase.
    • Reading this front page coverage makes me wonder if he knows the issues or if he is merely a press poodle for the politician.
    • This decision was taken by a small number of New Labour poodles.
    • From this perspective, however, his appointment came at a sensitive time - in the week that Labour was lambasted for replacing tough committee chairpersons with poodles.
    • He has resisted efforts by Labour ministers to stop him acting like America's poodle - or at least to hide it better.
    • Away with talk of poodles, leave that to the Government.

verbo intransitivo


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    I had to poodle down to the shops tuve que hacerme una escapada hasta las tiendas coloquial
    • And now I'm just poodling around until the dance tonight.
    • Even now, with the incredibly busy life I lead, if I get time between appointments I will just go and poodle.
    • Spent the day sleeping, reading comics, forgetting I'd read them, and poodling around on the computer.