Traducción de pool hall en Español:

pool hall

sala de billar, n.


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    sala de billar femenino
    • As a new song started to play on the pool hall's radio her hands started to shake and she lost concentration.
    • The atmospheric effects, which vary depending on the pool hall you play in, seem a bit out of place and the table effects are poorly timed.
    • We went to the pool hall when Craig got back from holiday and she didn't have anything.
    • It has a restaurant, a bowling alley, an arcade and a pool hall.
    • The pool hall in Viking Way has proven a hit with teenagers who are too young to be in pubs or clubs, or feel too old to be at an organised youth group.
    • When Rey played possibly his best shot ever, Jimmy had bought the cue off the pool hall.
    • He can recall details about a particular pool hall, player or game in remarkable detail.
    • He chose to stare directly across the pool hall, at the windows on the opposite wall on level with him instead of down at the water.
    • A popular pool hall used every night by up to 150 teenagers has been forced to close because of ‘extortionate’ rates.
    • There is a pool hall in town and there are movies and a bowling alley, but most nights he and Jonas stay at home.
    • That's why the players are still out on the training field long after they've been given the go-ahead to disappear to the pool hall, the bookies or back home to vegetate in front of the television.
    • In an area where there are only two or three pubs and a pool hall to drink in, the options are limited.
    • Expecting a scowl or at least a glare from my cousin, I was surprised to only receive a slight nod of the head as he got out of the car and jogged into the pool hall.
    • He used to own a petrol station, a bar and a pool hall in New Jersey, until one day the FBI came looking for an ex-employee who was a Muslim.
    • I drove past my favorite hangouts: the pool hall, mini-golf, and the local café.
    • One good thing about the day shift is that I can get the bus home, although the last couple of nights I have ended up in the pool hall.
    • I've been following the unfolding saga of Streatham pool and ice rink in your pages for many months now, and it seems to me we may never get a new pool hall or ice rink.
    • It turned out all the lads were together in a pool hall somewhere in Hamilton, having a few beers.
    • The bar was separated from the pool hall so minors couldn't get into the alcohol, but we usually found a way.
    • A chef at a local boarding school was killed at the pool hall.