Traducción de poor box en Español:

poor box

alcancía, n.


  • 1

    alcancía femenino
    (para limosnas) cepillo masculino
    • Judge Mary Martin ordered Ms McKenna to pay £100 to the court poor box in relation to the disorder offence, while her case of owning a vehicle without insurance was adjourned until May 2001.
    • Meanwhile Judge Martin asked for a probation officer's report, random urine samples to be carried out, and the defendant to pay £500 to the court poor box by December 1.
    • And perhaps most galling, he could rob from the poor box while offering auto-hagiography like.
    • You did the same thing when you put that money in the poor box and had your priest say Bernie's name in the Veteran's Day Mass.
    • As they plot to steal riches from the town's church, a little orphan girl winds up entangled in the trouble, accused of stealing from the poor box and running off with the golden treasure.
    • Nor do expense allowances that are generous to a fault amount to proof positive that every backbench MP would, given the chance, rob the poor box in the local parish church.
    • Two solicitors were prosecuted for failing to register with the commission, and while both were given the benefit of the Probation Act, one was ordered to pay €500 to the poor box.
    • Returning at dawn I slipped into the church and stuffed the stolen money back into the poor box.
    • It will not manage money collected under the poor box system, which is controlled locally at the direction of the judge.
    • A reader writes concerning Weakland's thefts from the poor box.
    • She adjourned the case to February 2, ordering the defendant to do an alcohol awareness programme, and to pay £100 to the court poor box.
    • Judge Mary Martin adjourned the case to the October 3 sitting, ordering Mr Keating to pay £200 to the court poor box and to attend an alcohol awareness programme.
    • The judge adjourned the matter to the July 19 sitting and ordered the defendant to make a contribution of £200 to the court poor box.
    • The Courts Service said €928,000 was raised by the poor box last year, and €1.12 million was paid out to various charities.
    • He pauses for a moment then starts to leave. The priest, seeing this, quickly runs over to him and says, ‘You didn't put any money in the poor box!’
    • Now, say five Hail Mary's and put $50 in the poor box.
    • A Ballybrittas farmer, who was on his way to Mass when stopped by Gardaí, was ordered to pay £100 to the court poor box, at the December 5 sitting of Portarlington District Court.
    • She put back the case to January 5, telling each of the three men to do an alcohol awareness programme and to pay £500 to the court poor box in the meantime.
    • A man who made an abusive remark to a Garda as he was driving past was ordered to make a contribution of £200 to the court poor box, at the December 6 sitting of Carlow District Court.
    • But if the studio isn't so sure about the movie, this choice gives them millions in P & A savings, a built-in excuse for a poor box office showing and a politically correct plum all in one.