Traducción de poppadom en Español:


papadum, n.


Pronunciación /ˈpɒpədəm/


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    papadum masculino
    • The bill for four of us came to £48, reasonable for four main dishes, a couple of side dishes, rice, naans, poppadums, and a couple of beers.
    • Ten minutes, six popadoms, a plate of extraordinarily tangy lime chutney and two Cobra beers later, eight steaming dishes turned up on our table.
    • Over the years, the company's range has expanded to include sauces in both jars and cans, ready made meals, poppadoms, ready-to-eat breads and Indian snacks.
    • We were served a simple amuse bouche of foie gras parfait, on a thin poppadom covered in poppy seeds.
    • A typical Kerala meal appears to be: fat rice, sambar or dhal, poppadums, pickles and curds, with pineapple for dessert.
    • Again, papads are rolled out paper thin whereas poppadoms are rolled out a little thicker and puff up more.
    • He even likes to try the starters and popadoms when we go for a curry.
    • We had planned to sample a dessert from the short list including fruit salad and ice cream, but the combination of poppadums, curry, nan bread and beer in our mellow surroundings left us happily replete.
    • It is a hot, sweet and sour delight that you can make time and again for use with fish and chicken dishes, or as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, poppadoms and savouries.
    • In fact the whole experience, from approaching the restaurant to ordering and receiving the mandatory poppadoms and chutneys, leaves expectations low and one possibly ruing the lack of a bring-your-own-bottle policy.
    • We ordered drinks - Indian beer and house white wine and popadoms - and the small restaurant, which must seat fewer than 40 people, soon began to fill up.
    • We ordered poppadums and two starters to share out, a Korai mixed special and a veggie samosa.
    • I'll just have to drink and have a few poppadums.
    • We had ordered a pint of lager each and began with four poppadoms and a pickle tray which arrived very quickly.
    • The preprandial pickles are splendid and so are the popadoms with them.
    • While we waited for my starter (the rest of the gang had opted out of a first course) we tucked into crunchy poppadums and pickles.
    • I am actually developing a taste for poppadoms.
    • If you're dying to munch on something, skip the potato chips and hit an Indian restaurant for some poppadum bread instead.
    • We also had Indian food including mangoes, chapattis and poppadoms.
    • Our friends having rolled in from the rain, we ordered our meals and set about the poppadums and pickles.