Traducción de popper en Español:


recipiente para hacer popcorn, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɑpər//ˈpɒpə/


  • 1EEUU

    recipiente para hacer popcorn
  • 2argot

    cápsula o ampolla de nitrito amílico usada como estimulante
    • Whilst he is hardly conscious off stage, Tom, not averse to the odd popper or pill thrill, tries to grab Sarah and, I do not kid you, dies in the attempt.
    • Drugs were ubiquitous - coke, pot, poppers, and, when all else failed, alcohol.
    • If I manage to do the poppers up in one go I know I'm going to have a good show (that's a little superstition I have)
    • Break out the poppers, put on your wristbands and satin hotpants, and prepare to dance!
    • On the dance floor, a girl offered me a sniff of her poppers (if you don't know, I'm not going to tell you, then you can make up really terrible images for yourself).
    • And they're also mixing in drugs, like ecstasy and GHB and, perhaps most dangerously, crystal meth and poppers.
    • Rick and John led them to a parking lot underground where they lit fires, played with poppers, and other fire-related stuff.
    • And then he asked if I had ever tried poppers and I told him my friends had, but I preferred a drink.
    • Although I loved it instantly at the time, it soon felt like one piece of tacky, rainbow-flagged campery too many, its initial appeal wearing off like stale poppers.
    • I don't think there's even the slightest chance that King wasn't on LSD and poppers when he wrote this.
    • Sources in Belfast however claim the problems there are much more widespread, with many officers alleged to be snorting poppers, banging E's and sniffing Chinese industrial strength glue.
    • I have absolutely no idea why, whenever this comes on, I grab someone's poppers, make for the nearest podium, and start, er, well, spinning around like a record.
    • My drug is not recreational - not taken to heighten the pleasure of the dance, not a popper to extend the sexual experience.
    • They visited him, knowing they could have alcohol, cigarettes and drugs such as cannabis and poppers, things forbidden at home.
    • Charlton told police her lover had liked to dress up in stockings, G-strings, PVC costumes, and have sex while sniffing poppers (amyl nitrate) and watching hardcore porn films.
    • ‘I stole a jar of ether from the chemistry labs and poured it into test tubes to sell as poppers.’
    • This stuff stinks like a goat's armpit drenched in your granny's cologne, and the most you feel is your heart pounding like you had partaken of some honking poppers, accompanied by a pounding headache.
    • The sweat of our bodies mingled with spilt Red Stripe and stale poppers, as I realised I was in the greatest place ever in the history of mankind.
    • They keep their pot in a pepper grinder and their poppers in a bullet pendant.
    • At some point, every gay cliché makes an appearance onscreen, from drag queens, to backrooms, to orgies, to poppers, to flamboyance, and beyond.
  • 3Britanico

    (press stud)
    broche de presión masculino América Latina
    botón de presión masculino América Latina
    cierre automático masculino España
    automático masculino España
    • Modern cloth nappies fasten with poppers or Velcro, need only a 60 degree wash in the machine and are very easy to use as any solid matter is flushed away.
    • The blouse I wore was crisp and white, cuffed, predictably, below my elbows, and unbuttoned only down to the second popper.
    • The handbag is black, with a long shoulder strap and clasps at the front with poppers.
    • The boys' sleeves were attached by poppers that made for lots of arms coming loose before time and the girls' skirts were buttoned on, equaling lots of frantic undoing whilst dancing to get the bloody things off.
    • The hood is a good fit and simple to remove with just two clips and six poppers.
    • The cut-away collars that accommodate fat Windsor knots are giving way to fuller cuts that pinch in neatly under the tie with the use of tabs or poppers.
    • They have poppers or Velcro so you don't have to worry about pins, and they have removable paper liners that mean you can quickly and discreetly get rid of unpleasant lumps.
    • The tent doesn't have doors; it has flaps, fastened with poppers.
    • Fans want to see old-style, string-backed, leather-palmed driving gloves that fasten at the wrist with a silver popper.
    • Velco straps on the hips help adjust the waist line and some poppers fastens the short on.
    • It easy to get in and out of, with no zips, poppers or buttons to fiddle with in emergency robing or disrobing situations.
    • I have never had to learn to use a ‘terry’ square as most now come shaped with Velcro or poppers, so why don't we all use them?