Traducción de poppet en Español:


tesoro, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɒpɪt//ˈpɑpət/



  • 1

    (term of endearment)
    tesoro masculino
    encanto masculino
    • "Thank you for bringing him inside, poppet," Julien agreed, smiling at his youngest daughter.
    • We were never going to be running Moby's fan club (not until he decides to knock out something with a bit of backbone anyway), but the cute bald poppet has got a point about Las Vegas.
    • You have certainly got yourself into a Persian pickle, my poppet!
    • Hillary is glad you have been able to unburden your soul, but you are making a few false assumptions yourself, my poppet.
    • The problem is not that your husband won't take you to parties, my poppet, the problem is that you blotted your social copy book.
    • I watched him as he lifted the child by its leg and dangled the baby as if it were a poppet.
    • There is cynicism at work every time politicians draft in some forgotten singer or soap poppet to do their dirty work.
    • She was a little poppet though and didn't even murmur.
    • I was at a convenient store, and this woman was like, ‘Cheers, poppet!’
    • You should've damn well asked me in the first place, shouldn't you have, poppet?
    • My poor, strange, stoic little poppet, trapped inside her own body, her own shell of an existence.
    • Taking an interest into my well-being, poppet?
    • Parents must be rushing to the talent agencies with visions of fame and money for their poppets.
    • Even your average manufactured pop poppet has to work harder than her boy-band counterpart, who can rely on looks alone to generate pubescent squeals.
    • Perhaps it wasn't clean enough for the poor, precious poppet.
    • Don't worry, poppet, your mother said you could come with me and go to the toilet in the woods.
    • This is the way things are done round here, my poppet, so stop worrying immediately.
    • He flashed James an apologetic smile before continuing in the face of his wife's incredulous stares, ‘Any more objections, poppet?’
    • But I'll be back, my little poppets, full of pictures and stories just as soon as possible.
    • This is Thailand after all, isn't it, my poppet.