Traducción de population explosion en Español:

population explosion

explosión demográfica, n.


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    explosión demográfica femenino
    • Furthermore, there seems no end in sight to the population explosion that, combined with a culture that glorifies violence and conquest, fuels the resentment of most Muslims against the prosperous West.
    • It will not stop the population explosion in Egypt, increase innovation in Morocco or reduce arms spending in Algeria.
    • On a lighter note, Marvin Minsky walked through a couple of half-serious ideas for combating the population explosion - ideas that he seemed a little surprised that no one was yet exploring.
    • The century's first two decades were marked by a population explosion that was to a large degree encouraged and funded by railroad and real estate interests.
    • All three supermarkets have recognised the potential and are eagerly making plans to capitalise on the population explosion.
    • When we continue, I'll be talking with two experts about the population explosion and its potentially devastating impact on our environment and our flag.
    • Are men and society prepared for the population explosion led by the Baby Boomers and by their ‘global ageing’?
    • The executive district officer transport, Dr Muhammed Soomro, says there are multiple reasons for the present traffic situation in the city, the major being the population explosion.
    • This would result in a population explosion that would see the number of people living here top five million, or 23% more than today's level, by 2025.
    • A population explosion of bristling wild boars sparked by a long, hot summer is driving the tuskers from their natural woodland habitats into the parks, gardens, graveyards and playgrounds of the new capital.
    • By the mid '90s, the government realized that the population explosion was a potential calamity and reinstituted family planning.
    • All at once we seem to hear two demographic time-bombs ticking: The continuing population explosion in parts of the third world, and the astonishing rate of aging in the first world.
    • In the long run, the welfare state creates the very misery it seeks to eliminate - for example, by promoting a population explosion on the part of the cognitively disadvantaged underclass.
    • It is thought that several factors, not least the continued population explosion in Kildare and the club's commercial potential, were crucial in impressing the FAI bosses.
    • Europe blindly bought the population explosion, with the popularized means to control it, with the result that it is now in danger of itself disappearing.
    • There is environmental ruin, the global population explosion and the colossal problem of the Third World - still called that in quite an inadequate generalisation.
    • If pollution and the effects of the population explosion go on at the present rate, there will probably be very few trees left in the world, and any forests which do still exist will be protected by stringent laws.
    • Some nights, less than ten Gardaí are in charge of policing the streets of towns like Carlow and Portlaoise, despite the population explosion in recent years.
    • The population explosion and increased human activities are posing serious threats to the ecosystem and the backwaters are no exception.
    • A population explosion notwithstanding, the world generally did quite well in the second half of the twentieth century, by most economic and social standards.