Traducción de populous en Español:


populoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpɒpjʊləs//ˈpɑpjələs/


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    • Being fed up with the madding crowd in one of the country's most populous cities, I wanted to get closer to nature.
    • He will wind up his trip in Nigeria, the continent's most populous nation and biggest oil producer.
    • After his death, Americans might insist on having some real elections in that populous nation.
    • The most populous nation on earth is undergoing the most rapid economic growth in human history.
    • Late last year it looked as if the most populous nation and the most widespread faith were reconciling.
    • All this despite the fact that Scotland is one of the least populous nations in Europe.
    • The populous cities in particular became dependent on distant agricultural trade.
    • The capital city, Bujumbura, is the populous and most industrialized city.
    • This tide is driven by the two most populous nations in the world.
    • Corruption has spawned popular anger and instability lurks in the world's most populous nation.
    • The drop in prices was driven by a 5.4 per cent decline in Sydney, the most populous city.
    • It ranks 10th in the world, just behind much more populous nations such as China and Brazil.
    • The fighting is just the latest bout of ethnic violence to grip Africa's most populous nation.
    • He represented the least populous state in the nation, and one of the poorest.
    • Germany is the most populous nation in the European Community and has the largest economy.
    • It is, after all, the world's largest democracy and second most populous nation.
    • Islamic radicals in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, dismissed the tape as propaganda.
    • These are natural questions from people who have spent their lives in populous western cities.
    • It's the tenth most populous city in the world and continues to expand like anything.
    • This is a very big city of course, it's the biggest city in the state, it's the fourth most populous city in the US.