Traducción de porcine en Español:


porcino, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpɔrˌsin//ˈpɔrˌsaɪn//ˈpɔːsʌɪn/


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    • Gene sequencing showed that it was derived from the porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus by the loss of a sizeable chunk of RNA from one of its genes.
    • The Three Little Pigs tells the tale of a porcine trio who set about trying to help Mummy Pig, whose windswept house seems beyond repair.
    • The woods are renowned for their porcine mushrooms, but they're not that easy to make out against the rest of the undergrowth.
    • We kids used to say that it was the only vehicle that had the room within into which he could heave his bulky porcine body.
    • I also mentioned that the reshaped end in its newly raw state resembled a porcine visage.
    • She has a walk that wouldn't look out of place on a sumo wrestler and a laugh which is punctuated with alarmingly porcine snorts.
    • I've seen the way pigs are kept in Sweden and believe me, they inhabit the porcine equivalent of luxury hotels of the world.
    • The clinical use of porcine xenotransplant is gaining wide acceptance the world over, said Dr. Cherian.
    • We should actually think of eating pig products as an honour - we should worship our porcine buddies for providing us with sausages and bacon.
    • So while visiting a disco in Rouen on Christmas Eve with his porcine coworker he decides to take his revenge.
    • Even though wild and unwise boar do not look for danger above them, and that a man hiding up a tree with a big sharpened log was sure to be able to get himself some pork for the barbecue, our porcine tormentors were safe.
    • Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia is uncommon with the use of porcine heparin and is less common with low-molecular-weight heparin.
    • This phenomenon of interface activation was originally detected in studies on porcine pancreatic lipase and was attributed to a conformational change.
    • I feel a need to have a pig category of postings as I'm a great fan of all things porcine.
    • It works like a dose of porcine Valium, calming the piggies down and rendering them distinctly friendly.
    • And all the time, Sandler's strange, porcine face hardly changes expression; it never shows anything approximating human feeling.
    • He cheerfully apologizes for the room his two preteen boys share, which is predictably porcine with respect to neatness.
    • The porcine genome was scanned to identify loci affecting coat color in an experimental cross between the Meishan breed and Dutch commercial lines.
    • Dudley Council have ordered the removal of piggy banks and all other porcine effigies after complaints.
    • Its new porcine casing is much in demand and is having to be rationed to customers.