Traducción de pork barrel en Español:

pork barrel



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    asignación de fondos estatales para un proyecto que beneficia a cierta zona o grupo
    • Congress pork-barrel spends and earmarks all of this money while we have enlisted families on food stamps.
    • A pork barrel project meant to revive the American cruise industry sinks under its own weight.
    • This will also prevent opposition lawmakers from burdening financial bills with their favorite pork-barrel projects and blackmailing the ruling party.
    • At the same time, support for the package was assured through a series of corrupt deals that earmarked billions of dollars in funding for pork-barrel projects for legislators' home districts.
    • That may sound like a recipe for pork-barrel projects and runaway spending.
    • Most Americans hate Congress and Washington because they hate paying the taxes that give government money to spend on entitlements and pork-barrel legislation.
    • We do not have to appease the pork barrel needs of legislators.
    • We waste billions of dollars in defense just on pork barrel spending and earmarked projects that have nothing to do with defense, and that's one of the ways we could find some of the money.
    • And if he couldn't beat the pork barrel spending that plagued his agency - at least he can join in on it.
    • And the pork barrel got even larger as other special interests and lobbyists jumped on board.
    • Congress is going to vote on whether or not to stop distributing its money to states and local governments on a pure pork barrel basis and start doing it on the basis of risk.
    • This pork barrel was added secretly and late in the legislative process, without the knowledge of many members of the House.
    • We have pork barrel projects that our opponent supported and scandals where he didn't take a position.
    • End pork-barrel spending and construction companies throughout the country will go belly-up.
    • The administration offered the nation economic self-interest, technical wonkery, and a smidgen from the pork barrel.
    • The bill he sponsored is considered a pork-barrel project because of the huge sum required to put it into effect.
    • It is because this Government is not happy with its pork-barrel politics when it comes to just the roads.
    • Yet it will be hard to please congressmen while cutting their pork barrel, and as usual, no one seems very eager to cut middle-class entitlement programs.
    • But analysts say that retreat should not harm the prime minister's reformist bona fides as long as he does not devote extra funds to pork-barrel projects.
    • They are also supportive of patronage-laden political systems and pork-barrel projects, which is the reason Fenton calls them jobs-oriented.

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    • Término de uso coloquial en EEUU con el que se hace referencia a la fuente de dinero gubernamental con el que se financian los proyectos concebidos para ganar votos y no necesariamente para el beneficio público.