Traducción de porphyry en Español:


pórfido, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɔrfəri//ˈpɔːfɪri/


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    pórfido masculino
    • The sedimentary beds are composed mainly of poorly sorted subangular to rounded clasts of felsite and rhyolite porphyry that are typically a red color.
    • The ore is associated with plagiogranite porphyry of Mesozoic age.
    • The reference to emerald stone probably indicates color rather than medium, which suggests that the statue was carved of green basalt, granite, porphyry, or serpentine.
    • Although closely associated with plutonic igneous rocks, porphyry mineralization commonly encompasses large volumes of the surrounding host rocks to the intrusion.
    • The mine workings occupy much of the west side of an isolated low hill composed mainly of light-colored volcanic rock, described as felsite porphyry or trachyte, highly altered to clay minerals.
    • Other possible occurrences include porphyry copper deposits that contain enargite at depth, such as Chuquicamata, Chile.
    • Some of the finest cuprite specimens ever found have come from the oxidized zones of several of Arizona's porphyry copper and related deposits.
    • The Main Channel conglomerate is made up of a variety of well-rounded felsite, granophyre, and quartz-feldspar porphyry pebbles, suggesting a geologically diverse source terrane.
    • During this time, many of the district's steeply dipping, northeast-trending faults were intruded by narrow, granodiorite porphyry dikes.
    • This rare work of porphyry, limestone, serpentine and onyx is unique north of the Alps.
    • Final polishing will only succeed on the hardest of stones, such as granite, porphyry, and gemstones, and again abrasive materials will be used for this, including abrasive powders or salts.
    • They also noted that much kaolin is in or near decomposed porphyry bodies that overlie the largest ore shoots in the Leadville Dolomite.
    • The fault places massive fractured greenstones over relatively undeformed feldspar andesite porphyry.
    • This mine, just north of the Mount Tolman porphyry molybdenum-copper deposit, was once Washington State's sole fluorite producer, with 235 tons shipped between 1918 and 1940.
    • At least two Eocene feldspar porphyry dykes or sills intrude Tsa da Glisza, and appear to have followed the same planes of weakness as the aplite dykes.
    • A porphyry obscures the contact between the Cross Slieve Group and the Red Arch Formation.
    • This is particularly well known to collectors familiar with porphyry copper deposits of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.
    • The Henry Mountains consist of multiple intrusions of quartz-monzonite porphyries (predominantly plagioclasehornblende rocks) that were emplaced from 29.2 to 20.0 million years ago into a thick sequence of Mesozoic sediments.
    • Most beds are almost monomictic, comprising quartz-feldspar porphyry clasts, whereas some other beds are highly heterogeneous.
    • In 2000, fifty porphyry deposits had been identified in Chile, with reserves of 400 million tons of copper!