Traducción de porridge en Español:


avena, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɔrɪdʒ//ˈpɒrɪdʒ/


  • 1

    (cocida) avena femenino
    (de avena) gachas femenino España
    before noun porridge oats copos de avena masculino
    • While this brand of porridge contains no added sugar, the manufacturers have managed to slip in skimmed milk and cream powder.
    • Aaron's breath steamed in the chill air as he got up from the porridge he was stirring to unlock the prisoner.
    • Salami, curd cheese, eggs, porridge and bread are combined with any supper left over from the evening before.
    • There was tea and toast for breakfast and sometimes porridge.
    • The inmates said they could not eat thick porridge without milk and asked for bread and butter with tea.
    • Add the milk and allow the porridge to boil for 30-35 minutes on low heat while stirring occasionally.
    • I start with porridge, and then mid-morning I have six egg whites on brown toast.
    • Within hours, Frost had been sheltered in a hut, where he was given milk and porridge and berries and ale.
    • When I taste porridge I remember my early childhood in Edinburgh.
    • Among the dishes made from barley, barley porridge is more delicate than oatmeal porridge, to the point of being rather insipid.
    • At one stage they even refused to return their porridge bowls to prison orderlies.
    • They set out as soon as they had finished their breakfast, a quick meal of porridge and plain bread with a scraping of butter.
    • Every morning I make porridge with raisins and maple syrup.
    • A restaurant serving dishes including snail porridge and smoked bacon and egg ice cream has been named the second best in the world.
    • Millet is ground into flour and made into porridge by boiling it in water.
    • A cooked breakfast is always available as well as porridge and cereal - and there is always a good choice of lunchtime and dinner meals.
    • I corrected him - we alternate between semolina one day, and mealie meal porridge the next.
    • Another traditional dish is gruel or porridge made with the dried fruit of sago palms.
    • This is the classic method using oatmeal rather that porridge oats and is my favourite because of its rough texture and lingering flavour.
    • For breakfast I'll have porridge with soya milk and fruit, sprinkled with some ground cinnamon.
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    to do porridge estar en la cárcel