Traducción de portal en Español:


portal, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɔrdl//ˈpɔːt(ə)l/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of building)

      portal masculino
      • The gap forms a portal, almost like a ceremonial entrance to the canyon.
      • With this Setisia approached a lone guard standing beside a small portal in one of the gates.
      • You are welcomed through the rough perimeter wall by a gate of rusted steel, a tree and by the portal of the canopy beyond.
      • He laughed softly and directed me out of the chapel, towards the portals of the main doorway and the sunlight in the plaza.
      • I drove past the studios; the gates seemed like portals to some other world.
      • One will, most likely, exit out of the posh portals of a private school to enter a supermarket to sell groceries.
      • Stepping out of the wooden portals, your nostrils are assailed by the pungent smell of leaf-wrapped dosai.
      • It seems to be about to go through a doorway or portal of some sort.
      • Mayan shamans in the Yucatan, who go into caves to have visions, see caves as portals or doors that lead somewhere else.
      • But the sand last been blown over here by the wind through these portals on the first floor of this building.
      • This road leads from a rock located at the southern tip of the island to another in the north in which there is a kind of doorway or portal.
      • It looks like a large circular doorway in the forest - a portal if you will.
      • After a few attempts at opening the recalcitrant portal, Black realised it was a security door.
      • The people were shoulder to shoulder through the gate portal.
      • Stopping before a kind of stuccoed portal with iron gates, Tin announced our arrival.
      • The Palace stands in a garden dominated by huge plane trees and its facade blends mosaic tiles, decorative plasterwork and arched portals.

    • 1.2(of tunnel)

      boca femenino

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    portal masculino
    • Some states had Web sites they called portals but they were really just places to download information.
    • Scotland Online, one of the country's leading portals and internet service providers, will launch its rebranded website this week.
    • It also faces competition from a growing number of internet portals as we have said, which are adding voice components to instant messaging and gaming.
    • Industry related directories or portals are great sites to get links from.
    • Now Clare has teamed up with other independent maternitywear retailers across the country to form an internet portal with links to their websites.
    • People are used to being able to set up completely customized news sites using various portals or news aggregators.