Traducción de portend en Español:


augurar, v.

Pronunciación /pɔrˈtɛnd//pɔːˈtɛnd/

verbo transitivo


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    • But, the rapid growth of productive capacity in many places during the period portended a point when capital would face a problem of overaccumulation.
    • The signs portending deflation are all-around for those who have eyes to see.
    • The devaluation was recognized as more than a technical adjustment: it was a clear sign of French disengagement, portending withdrawal a year later.
    • In this issue, our cover story looks at CEOs in danger - and the warning signs that portend trouble.
    • These augurs now portend political consequences that may follow the economic upheaval.
    • It has been disturbing, certainly, to learn that there was substantial information that could have portended the events of 9 / 11.
    • That portends an even darker hour for investors whose savings have been mauled in the worst slump in global stock markets for 30 years.
    • Decisions have now been taken that portend events, probably within 48 hours, that will result in death and destruction.
    • It portends the next evolutionary change in our political history - the demise of the parliamentary system.
    • He is comic but what he is saying portends the tragic event that is coming.
    • Central to that order is the idea that events in the heavens - particularly lunar and solar eclipses - can alter or portend events on Earth.
    • If the article coming out on Saturday in Der Spiegel, the German news magazine, is accurate, it seems to me to portend significant difficulties ahead for the US.
    • So how can we say that eclipses portend anything about modern society?
    • Most significantly for Democrats, the election results may portend a backlash against the no-new-taxes mantra that's ruled the Capitol since Gov.
    • But perhaps the dreadful birth defects and mutated plants are not evidence at all, but signs and wonders portending some great event.
    • Asian markets had come under heavy selling on Monday as investors portended a calamitous fall in the U.S. markets when they reopened after a four-day suspension.
    • Fushida became very excited by this natural phenomenon, viewing it as a mystical sign portending the success of the sneak attack.
    • Many will see the Asian disaster as portending the advent of doomsday.
    • The retreat of the Government from public utility services, one after another, portends evil days for the common man.
    • Officials said the season's first wildfires burned with an intensity usually not seen until late summer, portending an especially dangerous and costly summer.