Traducción de portion en Español:


porción, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɔrʃ(ə)n//ˈpɔːʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1(of food)

      porción femenino América Latina
      ración femenino España

    • 1.2(share)

      parte femenino
      her portion of the estate su parte / porción de la herencia
      • The stake to be floated will be divided into four equal portions and will be put for sale in different sessions.
      • After Ma died, his four children asked Wu to share this amount by dividing it into five equal portions, meaning each of them would receive NT $800,000.
      • The project is divided into different portions, individually tendered and contracted.
      • So now that the PM has decided to return his portion of the increase. people making all the comments and opinions necessary.
      • Sofia will sell a portion of its shares in Municipal Bank to reduce its stake to below 50 per cent, Sofia City Council decided on July 22.
      • Infuriated with this reply, Lear divides her portion between his other daughters, with the condition that himself with 100 knights shall be maintained by each daughter in turn.
      • A sister shares only half the portion of her brothers under the Quranic laws of inheritance - the assumption being that her husband will maintain her.
      • Islam, however, under the Shari'a law, provides a portion of the estate for widows.
      • Standish decided to put a portion of his share of the alms given to us by the celebrated Plenipotentiary Of Meat toward playing the numbers-lottery.
      • It has 18 months from the June 30 date of listing to raise the portion of shares in public hands to one-quarter of the company.
      • In this period the cost of the U.S. portion - the largest share of the project - began to draw the attention of NASA and the U.S. Congress.
      • According to the Affidavit of William Sutton he and his wife began to formulate a plan to develop and sell portions of the cottage property.
      • Or just run the auction again, but only for the dissatisfied people and only to divide up their portion of the rent as determined by the first auction.
      • The Parish is being divided up and portions are being allocated to Salthill, St. Joseph's and the Claddagh Parishes.
      • This results in the spousal portion are about $1,300 per month.
      • The sponsorship money from Standard Bank is divided into three portions.
      • The legal description for the site, described on plan A1.1, includes the three parcels of land purchased by the Defendant and a portion of the adjacent Town parkland to the west.
      • Upon the death of a landowner, land is divided in equal portions among the surviving children.
      • In such cases of unequal division, the husband is allocated the largest portion in accordance with ‘tradition’.
      • Having unknowingly signed over a significant portion of her shares, she found she no longer had a veto on rights sales.
      • The letters became public as Stringer sued her lover's brother to obtain a small portion of the estate.

    • 1.3(part)

      parte femenino
      • Even if a province does not use all of its weekly allocation, it still gets the whole portion for the next week.
      • Whole portions of the story can be missed if the player isn't at the right place, at the right time.
      • Indeed, to evaluate the prospects of a proposed intervention, one must attempt to project the effects of the change upon the whole, not just upon a portion of the whole.
      • They decided to drop a whole portion of the route, and instead go the long way, abandoning Vrygunst mountain and instead going around Tafelburg.
      • In this process, we keep the animals in some portion of the land for some time then shift them into another portion until the whole field gets fertilized.
      • Many proteins show homology across their whole length or across portions of their sequence, therefore many of the digestion products of such proteins may be identical.
      • The ‘crankshaft’ style release pattern may result from a recoil artefact causing apparent age variations in the finer grained portions of this whole rock sample.
      • However, as suppliers are forced to take on increased responsibility for whole portions of the vehicle, new issues emerge - liability for one.
      • But when modern societies abolished the stigmas on illegitimacy, divorce, and all the rest, whole portions of the social structure just caved in.
      • In economic terms, every economy has a right to resort to purely economic measures in a situation where a certain portion or the whole economy is jeopardised through foreign trade.
      • It's much nicer to be on a brightly lit television set with an entertainer for a judge in front of you, and the whole nation or a portion of the nation with nothing better to do watching.
      • However, many processed foods can be enriched in dietary fibre through the addition of the bran portion of whole grain.
      • The analysis of data is based on a portion of the whole survey.
      • Has this, in your opinion, set back the question of Israel and the Palestinian state and that whole portion of the Middle East?
      • In our first volume we merely described that part of Etna which has been formed during the historical era; an insignificant portion of the whole mass.
      • And I've only really investigated a small portion of the whole place.
      • Interfaith relationships can be more difficult for Wiccans and other Pagans, for the simple reason that, to begin with, we are only a small portion of the whole society.
      • Fair use or fair dealing depend more on the portion of the whole rather than word count.
      • You look down from a helicopter and you see the blocks go by underneath you and you think for a second it could be any midsized town in America, till you notice that there's whole portions blacked out.
      • In plants, retroelement DNA accounts for a large portion of the repeat fraction.

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