Traducción de posh en Español:


elegante, adj.

Pronunciación /pɑʃ//pɒʃ/

adjetivoposher, poshest


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    pijo España coloquial
    posudo Colombia coloquial
    pituco Cono Sur coloquial
    cheto Río de la Plata coloquial
    sifrino Venezuela coloquial
    popoff México coloquial
    • I've left the comforting surroundings of rural Norfolk, and I'm staying in a posh hotel in Marylebone Lane, London.
    • There are some very funny lines peppered around and Neve Campbell does a very good posh English accent - but this is something of a one-trick pony.
    • Bourne melds eloquent dance moves and witty everyday gestures to evoke crumbling class divides in this story of the downward spiral of an upper-class man and his posh girlfriend.
    • I say supremely in an upper-class, posh sort of tone.
    • At Betty Parsons's antenatal classes, which were very Sloaney and posh, I was the only short, fat Jewish mother.
    • He's probably still waiting for you at his flat or posh hotel, whatever it is.
    • And there is something very patronising about people with posh accents telling working-class people that their windows are too dirty.
    • Howard, having, bought off all other shareholders was answerable to no one and operated through telephones while living in posh hotels.
    • A grand bash to celebrate his birthday was held in a posh hotel only five days earlier.
    • Without that fragility, nobody would watch this posh woman with a cut-glass accent.
    • ‘I have said to you before that if you have a PhD and a posh accent from a school like yours, you are regarded as a sophisticate,’ he said.
    • The situation is the same when I visit hotels and posh offices.
    • The crowd is a mix between trendy hotel visitors and posh Londoners.
    • But whilst sounding posh seems to have become deeply unfashionable amongst upper class youth, the lifestyle that goes with posh hasn't.
    • The fact that I was traveling to an exciting new city with a posh hotel room didn't hurt either.
    • Her posh accent left no one in doubt as to her upper class breeding.
    • Her accent is unredeemed posh but her politics are Old Labour.
    • I got a room at a posh hotel in Dorchester, for the night after the wedding, and the night after that, paying far more per night than I could afford.
    • I have the posh education, I have the posh accent, I'm not a bad shot.
    • A friend is visiting me and we plan to lunch at a posh hotel.
    • Many of those calls he says come from posh hotels and prestigious New York addresses dispelling the myth that bed bugs only reside in filth.
    • We meet in a tiny plush room in a posh London hotel which is the regular haunt for such interviews.
    • Or is there anyplace at all left in the world now where one can swagger around in stylish khaki like a posh colonial looking for some game to shoot?
    • She was short, with big curly brown hair and a little bald husband, and she was always cheery and happy and had an improbably posh accent and as with most such people a fearsome temper that you really didn't want to provoke.
    • Soon, the car pulled into the car park of the most upper-class, posh and wealthy sports club in the entire state.
    • A lilac purple with touches of green and gold make the dining area welcoming and elegant, cosy but posh.
    • Hampstead is rich, posh, exclusive, arty, cosmopolitan - little of which appears to have rubbed off on me.
    • In our posh London hotel suite, she glides through, thanks the press girl, and is regally solicitous when a tape recorder coughs and dies.
    • These guests seriously enjoy dressing up in very posh frocks and stylish black ties for dinner.
    • He dubbed himself Alistair, traded in his homely Midlands accent for one closer to Mayfair, and cultivated a posh circle of friends.
    • A posh boy from the Home Counties is rewarded for his self-discipline, hard work and ambition.
    • Thankfully, the days when a posh accent implied intelligence are fading fast, partly under the pressure of modern media.
    • And he saw the cubs and adults roistering on the huge expanse of lawn that belonged to the posh street running parallel to Hillside Drive.
    • Loser buys the winner two rounds of drinks on opening night at the hotel's posh bar.
    • Be it a midnight operation to nab criminals or surprise raid on luxurious houses in posh localities, she is always there to lead from the front.
    • We were surrounded by the old-fashioned glamor of the lobby of the grandest hotel in this posh French seaside resort.
    • Oh, and people with unpleasantly posh Home Counties accents who speak far louder than they need to in an enclosed space should probably be gagged with gaffer tape.
    • In the middle of the fest, private rooms offering charming traditional and local atmosphere could be rented at prices a few times lower than the posh hotels.
    • Despite my southern accent, I am not what you would call posh.
    • I come from Chigwell don't you know - the posh part of Essex.
    • For my birthday, my friends and I ended up in Harry's Bar, a very posh and luxurious bar in a posh and luxurious part of town.



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