Traducción de position paper en Español:

position paper


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    informe detallado en el que se hacen recomendaciones sobre un tema concreto
    • The discussion document will form the basis of a future position paper which will then go to the Department of Health, which is in charge of reforming marriage law.
    • I have just presented a position paper of sorts to our board suggesting some changes in structure that would still allow governance by the partners while fulfilling both of those mandates.
    • In a recent position paper, Tanner wrote that Social Security faces a horrendous unfinanced liability of $26 trillion over 75 years.
    • However, this must be balanced against the recent position paper of the Office of the Director of Telecommunications Regulation on full number portability.
    • There was possibly a position paper or an objection report that - I am not sure it is in the papers, your Honour.
    • After a position paper is written, the legislative committee should share it with all grassroots members and other coalition organizations.
    • Kathindi said the hake industry was preparing a position paper, which will be presented to the minister of fisheries and marine resources.
    • A one-page position paper on inclusion was written and distributed by the district's director of special education two years ago.
    • He said the central bank's assessment of the island's financial system greatly differs from that taken by the magazine, pointing to a position paper drawn up by central bank officials Sunday.
    • The meeting carefully considered the position paper presented by the management and adopted its key recommendations, the university announced this week.