Traducción de posse en Español:


partida, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɑsi//ˈpɒsi/


  • 1

    (in US)
    (al mando de un sheriff) partida femenino
  • 2

    (group) grupo numeroso masculino
    (gang) pandilla femenino
    • Look, if you've got a posse of restless toddlers at home and just want to shut 'em up for 90 minutes, then by all means, bring them to see this movie.
    • Amid a frenzy of handshakes, nostalgic ‘what could have been’ looks and a posse of camera crews, the Conservative leader yesterday returned to a hero's welcome in Blackpool.
    • The instrument, his long-term comedy partner, was still around for support but he also introduced a posse of new characters and comedy situations.
    • At 1.30 am a posse of musicians with their sound system arrived, and parked themselves in the six-foot square space empty next to me.
    • He has charisma, a fabulous new line of hipster clothing, a reality-TV show in development, and a posse of hot young actors swooning over his righteous aura.
    • The island is neat and well tended by a posse of gardeners - where Young Island is so profuse, Mustique is sparser and drier.
    • Thus they reluctantly join forces with a posse of vampires, who refer to themselves collectively as the Blood Gang, for some vampire hunting in the dark streets and sewers of Prague.
    • When she returned from the championships, she was met at the airport by a posse of reporters asking her about drugs and steroids.
    • Seemingly all the pre-match focus was on the striker, as a posse of photographers lurking in the press room testified.
    • To this end he created a posse of brilliantly realised characters, each complete with their own distinctive voices, personalities and catchphrases.
    • Last night was John's work do - a posse of computer genius guys and girls, packed around a long table at their local.
    • Rumours swirled around about a posse of policemen, acting on complaints from residents of the surrounding high-rise buildings, who had picked him up that morning.
    • He sat in silence through the shareholders’ meeting, and was escorted to and from it by a posse of bodyguards.
    • That pretty much launched the TV careers of a posse of legal analysts.
    • The fugitive, who broke out from a supposedly secure area, tried to ram patrol cars, managed to out-run Gardaí and a posse of local people, was eventually shot.
    • The Sabbath was reserved for Sunday tea - usually in the presence of a posse of relatives, called in by postcard from the tram-rocking outer suburbs.
    • He's surrounded by a posse of eager reporters who are trying to interview him with the help of an interpreter while the sound of Puccini blasts out from every corner of the room.
    • London was the height of hip, with a posse of hot young designers blazing a path through the jaded fashion pack and spawning the ‘Cool Britannia’ era.
    • Early on a December morning in 1998, a posse of policemen knocked on the door of his country cottage, issued a warrant for his arrest, and spent eight hours searching his property.
    • Everywhere he stepped either side of a gentle curtain raiser, a posse of well-wishers shadowed him, grabbing an autograph here, a picture there and a precious chat wherever possible.