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Pronunciación /ˈpɒsɪbli//ˈpɑsəbli/


  • 1

    that can't possibly be true eso no puede ser verdad
    • if we possibly can si podemos / si nos es posible
    • I won't go if I can possibly help it no iré si hay manera de evitarlo
    • how could they possibly have known? ¿cómo pudieron haberse enterado?
    • they ran as fast as they possibly could corrieron lo más rápido que pudieron
    • I couldn't possibly eat any more me es totalmente imposible comer nada más
    • I couldn't possibly allow you to pay de ninguna manera voy a permitir que usted pague
    • could you possibly give me a hand with this? ¿sería tan amable de ayudarme con esto?
  • 2

    will it cost more than five dollars? — possibly ¿va a costar más de cinco dólares? — puede ser / posiblemente
    • If the paper had not been prepared for such a situation, it would possibly not have survived.
    • Maybe the cold coffee had heightened my senses, or possibly because it was a nice day more people were requesting drinks involving the blender.
    • If it is, that would indicate that possibly the boy drowned in this pool.
    • He is now looking to diversify into tourism and possibly farming to survive until the ban is lifted.
    • In addition to posing a strain on relationships, it can also indicate a possibly dangerous and life-threatening disease.
    • A broken leg and nowhere to go, she could not possibly survive alone.
    • Which possibly indicates that he thinks several of the top restaurant owners in Australia have criminal records.
    • He was clearly frightened, perhaps delirious and possibly even unaware of what was happening to him.
    • Again the study of estrogen alone possibly preventing strokes continues.
    • These messages possibly indicated the presence of severe mental health issues.
    • The similarity between the transition states is large, indicating that possibly only a part of path space is sampled.
    • Miss Lewis says doctors have told her that her father now has a 50 per cent chance, possibly less, of surviving the horrific injuries.
    • Perhaps it's anxiety, perhaps asthma, perhaps heart and possibly thyroid.
    • It is part of a vernacular literature that goes back unbroken to the fifth or sixth century, possibly earlier, and survives to this day.
    • Only the bass line and six bars of melody had survived, possibly from the slow movement of a Trio Sonata.
    • Nero, indeed, at one stage in his reign - possibly earlier, perhaps now - had been inclined to abandon Britain altogether.
    • The fact that he had none possibly indicated that he trusted his visitors.
    • I think the team they selected possibly indicated their own interest in the competition.
    • Common sense would indicate that the substance possibly was baby powder from a diaper change.