Traducción de post exchange en Español:

post exchange

economato militar, n.


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    (in US)
    economato militar masculino
    cooperativa militar femenino
    • We stand in line to eat, shower, use the latrine and shop at the post exchange.
    • Some soldiers will be stationed near a pool or a post exchange.
    • Fort Chaffee is an Army National Guard post without a whole lot of structure, except for a very small post exchange.
    • Now, people have the luxury of beds, trailers, fast-food restaurants, post exchanges, television, showers and air-conditioned offices and all they do is sit in their offices.
    • They do this only when an outpost has no base or post exchange.
    • The airport also has two post exchanges and two dining facilities.
    • While the soldiers lack a post exchange in which to shop, have limited laundry facilities and as of yet, no plane tickets home, they seem pleased with their temporary home.
    • We are told to go to the post exchange to purchase a set of sheets if we so desire.
    • There are no post services there to support families - no medical clinic, no schools, no post exchange, no child-development center.
    • One example: the officer I caught at the post exchange on Anaconda in physical training uniform wearing sandals.
    • For less than $3, people can take a shuttle to the post to run errands, pick up commissary items, visit the pharmacy and post exchange, head to finance or keep medical appointments.
    • The front line may be the main supply route your convoy is traveling on when a bomb hits, or it may be the line you are waiting in at the post exchange when an indirect fire attack occurs.
    • The post exchange at Camp Victory did not save a soldier who was killed by a mortar right outside its front door.
    • Any time I go to the post exchange, dining facility, laundry, even when I am walking on the road, an M9 is pointed toward my stomach, chest or face, depending on the carrier's height.
    • Barely one week in country, I narrowly avoided serious injury when an 82 mm rocket landed between two bus stops in front of the post exchange.