Traducción de post office box en Español:

post office box

apartado postal, n.


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    apartado postal masculino
    apartado de correos masculino
    casilla postal femenino Cono Sur Perú
    casilla de correo(s) femenino Cono Sur Perú
    • Two hundred submissions from eager new writers arrive at his post office box near his home in Rathgar, Dublin, every year.
    • Beware of promoters who are not locally based, provide no telephone number and who use a post office box or mail drop rather than a full street address.
    • The registrant's address is a post office box; the phone number listed in the registration has been disconnected.
    • It suggests that people might not have a mailbox, but instead a post office box.
    • Setting up a home office is recommended because it is affordable, simple, and convenient; however, obtaining a post office box may be the best option for receiving business mail.
    • The cost, $378 U.S., was to be sent to a post office box in Panama.
    • If your Honour looks at any of the documents, the address for service appears to be a post office box, which I do not think is appropriate.
    • If you are a post office box in this profession and if you serve someone's interests which are in discrepancy with your own professionalism then it is obvious.
    • Any correspondence or donations mailed to our street address or to our post office box in Washington either was quarantined or has been slow to deliver.
    • I also stopped past my new post office box on Wednesday, which was christened with its first letter.
    • And it was thrilling, I must admit, when checks started appearing in my post office box, even though the thrill came tinged with shame.
    • The scratch card was received on December 5 last and he promptly sent the ‘winning ticket’ off to the designated address, a post office box in Dublin.
    • ‘The cargo was destined for a company with a post office box in Khartoum that does not exist,’ he said.
    • He used the same documents to open 42 new accounts at various banks, and in all cases he gave his mailing address as a newsagency post office box which the banks were happy to accept.
    • To ensure the privacy of your home address, you may choose to use a post office box as your address of record.
    • The company was hiding behind a post office box and did not give me a real contact phone number or address.