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postal code


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    • The introduction of postal codes should help the process.
    • Actually, the ‘fax your mp’ link will tell you from your postal code.
    • And then there's the question of how often the postal codes change and how you'd track those changes.
    • He came up with the electronic voting scheme which eventually ended in tears and now he's proposing the introduction of postal codes.
    • I believe that a proper postal code system would deliver mail at least one day sooner and result in more efficient express shipments delivered to my work in South Tipperary.
    • I don't even give retail markets my postal code or telephone number when they ask me at checkout time.
    • ‘One explanation for the relatively slow rate of mail growth in Ireland may be that it is the only member state without a postal code system,’ the consultants said.
    • London SW1, the London postal code of Downing Street and the various ministries of the government, appears to be on full alert.
    • Hope I got all the postal codes correct and you actually receive them.
    • He meanwhile hinted he would be in favour of introducing postal codes as some addresses placed on envelopes were ‘not particularly informative’.
    • However, it is unclear whether credit card companies can enforce those provisions in Ireland because numerical postal codes outside Dublin are limited.
    • It was called following allegations that in one ward alone, 3,000 out of 7,000 postal codes were stolen, altered or falsified during last year's local elections.
    • British reminders of home include bright red postal vans emblazoned with ‘use your postal code.’
    • Councils in Greater Manchester are joining forces to fight a postal code lottery that means they get about £40 a person less than the national average to provide services and tackle poverty.
    • It is clear that in spite of modern technology, sorting machines, postal codes etc, the deliveries get worse.
    • The postal code has been omitted from the newspaper notice submitted.
    • Things would be even more promising if Ireland had a normalised postal code system.