Traducción de poster paint en Español:

poster paint

témpera, n.


  • 1

    témpera femenino
    gouache masculino
    • Crayon, oil, colored pencil, and poster paint lend the work a saturated, hyperbolic sensibility.
    • It was in poster paints on a red canvas and it used to hang in our living room.
    • Mix up pots of poster paint, and give your children a pot of paint in each colour, a couple of brushes and a glass of water.
    • This marriage of like souls did not mean that Ursula could now sit back and pick up her palette and poster paints while they lived in a country manor in Europe.
    • Use poster paint for printing on paper (for cards, gift wrap, etc.), or use acrylic paint if you decide to decorate an item that needs a waterproof finish (glassware, clay pots, etc.).
    • Children who should have no thoughts in their heads but how to skip, kick a football and splash poster paint around are cracking up.
    • And so I began splattering poster paint on ceramic trays for Christmas gifts for my family and friends.
    • Get them to make their own storage boxes by painting cardboard ones with poster paints, sticking on pictures cut out of magazines or having fun with glue and glitter.
    • When I was sitting in that same room 30 years ago our art lessons only ever involved poster paints and sugar paper.
    • Children will be encouraged to use this language with classroom materials - clay, poster paint to celebrate a rite of passage such as school graduation.
    • Children under 10 may be encouraged to paint faces rather than carving them, using poster paints or acrylic paints.
    • Nobody is getting Christmas presents this year, that can't be manufactured from common household items, such as toilet-paper roll maracas, filled with rice, and painted with poster paints.
    • It was an activists Aladdin's cave; there were posters, leaflets, poster paints, horns, whistle and a loud speaker the size of a television in it.
    • Ashley's paintings provide a powerful mix of oil, poster paints and chalk - challenging images drawn from the worlds of horror and the gremlins and demons from the darker side fantasy.
    • The vandals had covered the floors in powder paint and sprayed walls with poster paint.
    • The students used poster paints to paint the exterior of the box.
    • He won awards for singing, and joined a pop group, appearing on stage in skin-tight jeans and hair dyed red with poster paint.
    • There is a lot more colour and detail, women are depicted and the materials used include poster paints and handmade paper.