Traducción de posthumous en Español:


póstumo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpɒstjʊməs//ˈpɑstʃəməs/


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    • He did award posthumous medals of honor to the families of several soldiers on 22 April 1971 and on several other occasions.
    • For others, however, the reasons for the posthumous fame are more complex.
    • No more so, surely, than his concern for the posthumous publication of his works.
    • The fact is Margaret never pretends to coherence despite her desire for posthumous fame.
    • Bolingbroke's many posthumous publications excited intense controversy in the decade which immediately followed his death.
    • But a campaign to have the men granted posthumous pardons has taken a dramatic turn.
    • As he does so, however, he becomes concerned for his posthumous reputation.
    • She was a genius and deserves a posthumous award of some kind.
    • Maybe it's the proper term for being awarded a posthumous honorary doctorate.
    • ‘I feel that a posthumous award of some kind would be most appropriate, although I am not sure that one exists,’ he said.
    • In 1632, two of Shakespeare's fellow actors published the First Folio, a posthumous collection of his works.
    • Her renown grew steadily after that, a large, posthumous retrospective of her work appearing at the Modern in 1972.
    • The divemaster was granted a posthumous award.
    • He was also honoured with a posthumous award for bravery.
    • Two Bills are now dealing with matters of posthumous citizenship are before the U.S. House of Representatives.
    • Both women achieved posthumous fame, but the facts of their deaths are vile.
    • From soon after his death posthumous miracles had begun to be attributed to him, and he was officially canonised by Pope John XXII in 1320.
    • Posthumous publications are ignored unless they constitute the first or a variant appearance of a poem.
    • Instead they died in the line of duty and subsequently received posthumous citizenship amidst much fanfare and flag-waving.