Traducción de postmortem en Español:


autopsia, n.

Pronunciación /poʊstˈmɔrdəm//pəʊs(t)ˈmɔːtəm/


  • 1also postmortem examination

    autopsia femenino
    to carry out/perform a postmortem (examination) llevar a cabo/realizar una autopsia
    • He insisted that following his death his post-mortem should be performed in front of his own medical staff and published in the local weekly journal.
    • A post-mortem is due to be held today, but last night the cause of death remained unclear.
    • People can object, but if the coroner considers that any delay may limit the ability to determine the cause of death, then the post-mortem will go ahead.
    • A post-mortem revealed that the dead man had been hit on the side of the head with a blunt instrument before being strangled and dismembered.
    • The post-mortems showed that their deaths were all due to arsenic poisoning.
    • Some hospital deaths, however, must be reported to the Procurator Fiscal whether there is clinical interest in the post-mortem examination or not.
    • The officer being interviewed by reporters said that they wouldn't know the exact time of death until a post-mortem was performed, but their best guess was some time in the last few hours.
    • There were no signs of injury on the his body and a post-mortem examination failed to establish a cause of death.
    • His body was brought to Sligo General Hospital where a post-mortem was carried out yesterday, Monday.
    • The doctor who performed the post-mortems on the bodies of the family is due to testify on Tuesday.
    • A post-mortem revealed that he died as a result of complications from head injuries.
    • The post-mortem revealed that death was due to powerful electric shock, not because of burns.
    • A post-mortem on her body revealed that she was four months pregnant at the time of her death.
    • If they get proper consent, then nothing prevents pathologists from carrying out post-mortems.
    • We can't speculate as to the cause of death and a post-mortem is yet to be scheduled.
    • A post-mortem examination to determine the cause of death was due to be carried out today by a Home Office pathologist.
    • A post-mortem on her body has ‘proved inconclusive’, said a spokeswoman.
    • Days after the discovery a post-mortem was performed, toxicology and DNA tests ordered.
    • But there was heartbreak for other families where organs were taken from dead children following coroners' post-mortems.
  • 2

    autopsia femenino
    they had a long postmortem on their defeat pasaron mucho tiempo haciéndole la autopsia a su derrota
    • Els, though, exhibited the fortitude to hold his own when others were holding post-mortems.
    • The players huddled together here after a match for a post-mortem of the game, analysing and discussing, striving to iron out the flaws.
    • The party is continuing its election post-mortem, and one area under scrutiny is its media policy.
    • Since 9 October we have had the usual stream of election post-mortems.
    • If they don't we'll be holding this same post-mortem in 2006.
    • The festival is planned for this year only; a post-mortem will decide if an annual event is feasible.
    • His performance quickly became the subject of ridicule in media post-mortems of the event.
    • If vote-splitting is not an issue for discussion in the election post-mortem, then proportional representation should be.
    • As I remarked in my post at the time, if anything is to be learnt in the post-mortems, it is that there is plenty of failure all round for all sides to digest.
    • The party will hold its post-mortem on the election and the loss of support in its traditional heartlands.
    • Then why this grand spectacle, starting from titillating anticipation to frenzied post-mortems after the budget is unveiled?
    • When I agreed to do a post-mortem on the Saskatchewan provincial election, I initially thought I would just do a ‘report.’
    • He's quite right, and indeed my post-mortem analysis gave White a small edge.
    • And with everyone back safely from the first run of the event, the post-mortems continue.