Traducción de postulate en Español:


postular, v.

Pronunciación /ˈpɑstʃəˌleɪt//ˈpɒstjʊleɪt/

verbo transitivo

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    Matemáticas Filosofía
    • Furthermore, the model postulates that individuals vary in their propensity for both excitation and inhibition.
    • The authors postulated that this decrease is likely to be multifactorial.
    • Considering all such factors, there seems no compelling reason to postulate the existence of a hitherto unknown creature in Lake Champlain.
    • As a result, researchers now postulate that serotonin may have a role in regulating prolactin secretion.
    • The radical scavenging mechanism postulated above could, therefore, be another mechanism of action.
    • Conserved residues within the compact protein cores have been postulated to be critical for protein folding.
    • My reason for writing this is not to postulate a gloom-and-doom scenario but to suggest that we be prepared to react to an enemy game plan that may be different from our own.
    • The authors postulated that the reasons might have had something to do with productivity.
    • This effect was postulated to provide a basis for the toxicity of such compounds.
    • A second theory postulates that when melatonin levels are depressed, female hormones are increased.
    • She noted, moreover, that these laws sometimes provide good grounds for claims about the existence of the causal entities postulated by a theory.
    • On this basis, we have postulated two scenarios for the future of energy.
    • Weber, like Bergson, stopped just short of postulating the existence of the unconscious.
    • Early Greek science postulated the existence of a primordial element as the foundation of the material universe.
    • Another reason for postulating the existence of such superstructures is some evidence of anomalous membrane roughness suggested by studies of membrane adhesion.
    • Attachment theory postulates that bonds with parents have an important bearing on future relationships.
    • Thus, the theory postulates that inertial and gravitational masses are fundamentally the same thing.
    • Some researchers postulate that reserves of liquid water still exist underground.
    • We also postulated that there could be different protein isoforms that correlated with these temporal and spatial transcripts.
    • Many philosophers treat the beliefs and desires postulated by folk psychology as brain states with symbolic contents.
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    dar por supuesto


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    Matemáticas Filosofía
    postulado masculino
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    presupuesto masculino
    premisa femenino