Traducción de pot plant en Español:

pot plant

planta, n.


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    (cultivada en una maceta) planta femenino
    mata femenino Venezuela Colombia
    • Next door have already introduced themselves and given us a pot plant.
    • We walked in and I immediately knocked over a huge pot plant.
    • When grown indoors as pot plants, miniature roses need a little special care.
    • If you're looking for the exit, it's that way, just to the left of the pot plant.
    • It's amazing what one can do with tinsel, a pot plant, shrub, or tree branches.
    • Veltheimia is used as a pot plant which blooms during winter.
    • Hemp is bred and grown entirely different than the pot plant, looks completely different in the fields, and contains practically none of the THC that gives marijuana smokers a high.
    • I couldn't believe the amount of things she was given - not just cans of drink, or beer, and lots of food and candy bars but also, for example, a pot plant.
    • We have drifted over near this giant pot plant thing, next to a fire exit.
    • The plant has fragrant purple flowers and is sold as a pot plant at Christmas in the USA, when it flowers and fruits at the same time.
    • It can be grown as a pot plant and is ideal for flower beds.
    • Due to its many applications, including use as a pot plant and a cut flower, this one is by far the most cultivated species.
    • Then we went out to a store and purchased a rug and a pot plant, and looked at a selection of beds.
    • Gloxinias are perfect pot plants as both their foliage and colorful blossoms are exceptionally showy.
    • Discretion is not their middle name and they give such a fiery display as to be considered suitably decorative for pot plant use.
    • Tiny bathrooms are more problematic but there is usually room for at least one pot plant.
    • In every government office there is a sullen secretary, a pot plant and a framed portrait of the leader.
    • Tolerant of cold winds and frost, its height makes it an ideal pot plant in a mixed bed of carpeting heathers and ground-covering conifers.
    • You can keep your lemon verbena as a pot plant and move it indoors before frost.
    • Its natural habitat is the arid riverbanks of southern Africa, but you can grow it as a pot plant in colder regions.