Traducción de potboiler en Español:


libro de poca calidad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɒtbɔɪlə//ˈpɑtˌbɔɪlər/


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    (escrito para hacer dinero) libro de poca calidad masculino
    • There have been not one but two cinematic political potboilers to hit the silver screen in the past year.
    • Meanwhile, his twin brother Donald is writing his own screenplay, a shameless potboiler that has no pretensions of art, but every intention of wealth.
    • As art, it was essentially a potboiler, refusing any commerce with physical or psychological detail.
    • He learnt Italian in order to research the book, written in the style of a detective potboiler.
    • It topped the Publishers Weekly annual bestseller list that year and was turned into a Hollywood potboiler (starring Jean Simmons and Victor Mature) in 1954.
    • Indian films are everywhere, and not just the potboilers.
    • It is not one of the usual Bollywood masala potboilers; it is an Indian film with just the right amount of spice and garnish that emerges as a real treat.
    • Already listed in his CV are such early potboilers as a novel linked to the New Avengers TV series.
    • Are we to compete with the Western potboilers flooding the Indian market?
    • As for the story, it is a potboiler in the tradition of the best film noir.
    • A make-belief potboiler, the film has grossed over a crore in a week.
    • Patel, known for playing the mushy girlfriend in romantic potboilers, said the complaint had been made by airline staff to save themselves.
    • Is she publishing those stories, those potboilers about her love and madness?
    • Here was an unserious, part-time author having it all and more for a potboiler!
    • He could easily have checked his facts, but did not bother to because so far as he was concerned the Holmes stories were potboilers.
    • They may as well have called it deep six, because the film plummeted into a predictable pastiche of previous potboilers.
    • Monet might have had to turn out potboilers but Degas, a man of independent means, never had to paint to pay for his supper.
    • It's a fast paced film with a solid screenplay, a masala potboiler.
    • The material from the two Faust treatments is perhaps less convincing, and Berlioz's arrangement of The Marseillaise at the end the disc is an unnecessary potboiler.
    • Thirdly, and not least importantly, the novel lives up to the advertisement of being a potboiler and not just another placid semi-documentary history of the Kashmir imbroglio.