Traducción de potency en Español:


lo fuerte, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpəʊtnsi//ˈpoʊtnsi/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of drink)

      lo fuerte
      • The principality of white supremacy was wrestled into yielding a different kind of potency; a power of oppression was partially tamed and forced to become a power of creativity.
      • Antipsychotic drugs with higher potency have a greater affinity for dopamine receptors and tend to cause more extrapyramidal symptoms.
      • The exact potency the body requires can be determined, as can the repetition of the dose.
      • Drugs have different potency and solubility, and solubility is inversely correlated with the duration of action.
      • Therefore the most popular neuroleptic agents are the high potency drugs, which can also induce the most Parkinsonism.
      • As souls could migrate, their potency be affected by ‘higher’ spirits, and their material shells be invaded by rivals, everything in the universe was interrelated.
      • She knew that stones lost potency and power and had to be tossed aside.
      • But anybody who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry knows that even a change in the formulation of a drug can alter its potency.
      • A close-up of a seaweed called Lobophora variegata being studied for its strong antifungal potency and potential cancer-fighting power.
      • Heat, cold, and moisture can also affect a medication's potency.
      • The potency of the supplement was monitored by the manufacturer, and it was found to retain 80% of its potency after being stored for 12 months at room temperature.
      • What is it to say about the historical potency of people power in challenging systems of entrenched and irresponsible power of this kind, of which it is itself a part?
      • Modelled in the round, they were not simply appreciated as decoration but were also seen as symbols of imperial power and potency.
      • However, potency of the bait against cockroaches under field conditions needs to be explored.
      • This is often apparent in religious contexts, when the normally unclean is transformed into a positive source of potency and power.
      • The potency of peer influence has been demonstrated for non-Latino white, American Indian and Mexican American youth.
      • Other factors, including drug potency, receptor affinity, and pharmacokinetics also influence these outcomes.
      • One consequence of the astonishing potency of the MIA myth is the refrain of today's American war films that no one must be left behind.
      • If your child doesn't finish a medication, it's not a good idea to save it for a future illness because most drugs lose their potency after 1 year.
      • But in your books, the power, the actual life force and potency of loving-kindness, comes through so strongly.

    • 1.2(of symbol, spell)

      fuerza femenino
      lo poderoso

  • 2sexual potency

    potencia sexual femenino