Traducción de potholder en Español:


agarrador, n.

(pot holder)

Pronunciación /ˈpɒthəʊldə//ˈpɑtˌhoʊldər/


  • 1

    agarrador masculino
    agarradera femenino América Latina
    tomaollas masculino Chile
    • Make sure older ones use caution - and pot holders - at the stove or oven.
    • She let me help her cook - I fetched pot holders and handed her the wooden spoons with which she stirred huge pots of turnip soup, the fragrant steam filling the kitchen.
    • By total accident, I dropped the pot holder in the oven and it caught on fire!
    • Use a carving fork to hold the bird, or grip the bird with your hand using a clean pot holder or napkin.
    • It is used to make not only vessels for stove-top and oven, but utensils, fan housings, pan liners, aprons, pot holders, and even wallpaper.
    • ‘Oh that,’ he shrugged dismissively placing a pot holder underneath the steaming pan, ‘It isn't anything to fret about, really.’
    • She practically burned her hands since the pot holders had been worn thin and there was no room on the counter to put it down.
    • He left the pot holder too close to the stove, and it caught fire.
    • If people think it is all about macramé and pot holders, then we haven't done our job very well in educating them.
    • The owners are now cooking up a new business venture, but their 60 or so employees (including bakers, customer-service reps, and managers) aren't ready to hang up their pot holders just yet.
    • Looking at Gabriel I motioned toward the pot holder in front of me.
    • The under-layer is a crisscross pattern, reminiscent of yarn pot holders, that the artist paints with an unsteady hand.
    • I was so busy wanting to make a good dinner for Marie that I didn't realize that I was holding the pot holder so close to the flame until it caught on fire.