Traducción de potpourri en Español:


popurrí, n.

Pronunciación /pəʊpʊəˈriː//pəʊˈpʊəri//pɒtˈpʊəri//ˌpoʊpəˈri/

nombrePlural potpourris

  • 1

    (of poems, tunes)
    popurrí masculino
    • This course was developed to cover a potpourri of topics prior to the selection of advanced practice rotation sites.
    • He wanted to announce into the dial tone reverberating with a potpourri of foreign verbiage, ‘What are you doing?’
    • The guitarist duo unveiled a potpourri of music blending it with African and Latin influences.
    • Often sophisticated talk on literature becomes an end in itself at literary ‘dos’ where the semi-well-read drop names of a potpourri of philosophers and writers and ineptly dissect imagined themes.
    • His column is a potpourri of banal observations, some ever so slightly to the left of the American political establishment, some to the right.
    • The artist is known for his fanciful painting in which a potpourri of objects, animals, characters from the artist's past life, from his dreams, and from his everyday life are evoked.
    • The ‘other’ category consists of a potpourri of settings which include retail independent, nursing home, consultant, mail order, and managed care.
    • But, he has decided to be innovative and stand unique among the rest with a potpourri of light and classical music, much to the delight of music buffs.
    • Advertisers are left to select a potpourri of shows and networks to reach Xers - and sometimes to throw in radio and online advertising.
    • The pianist won the gold for an intricate, playful and minutely precise combination performed to a potpourri of Russian melodies.
    • The trunks are undisturbed, full of my film reels, video tapes, scripts and potpourri of neglected promotional materials.
    • Extracted as a lone alkaloid from a potpourri of nutrients in the coca plant, then processed with forty-some chemicals, including ether, acetone and methyl ketone - it is a deadly drug.
    • What made her sets more than just a potpourri of disparate songs was her ability to somehow convincingly bind everything together.
    • The resultant effect in the hands of the drummers was a potpourri of sounds melting to create energy with their rhythm.
    • It is likely that the success of that ballet encouraged other ballet companies to stage their own ballets based on Offenbach potpourris.
    • Programmes ceased to be potpourris: the orchestral concert, with two halves each about an hour long, became the norm everywhere during the third quarter of the 19th century.
    • I tried setting out a potpourri of mixed birdseed, almonds, raisins, and even pieces of cornbread for the jays.
  • 2

    (of flowers)
    popurrí masculino
    • One method would be to take squares of cloth and make little pillows about 4 inches square stuffed with herbs or nicely scented potpourri.
    • A home scent, this crystallike potpourri contains Egyptian resin infused with notes of iced pineapple, peony, dianthus and white musk.
    • Would you care to stay for a spell while I assemble the ingredients to plant my ‘butterfly potpourri?’
    • Pretty by itself, the arrangement also makes a nice backdrop for a bowl offering party favors - this one a little linen bag filled with potpourri and cinched with a satin ribbon.
    • Listeners ought to hear the sleigh bells ring, see the vivid red of the velvet dress and smell the spicy potpourri steaming on the stove.
    • You will find potpourri, herb plant collections, lavender stems and informational booklets.
    • Secondly, the waiting room smelled of fresh potpourri, not disinfectant spray.
    • An old china pot or bowl bought in a junk shop and filled with potpourri can prove a hit.
    • Flowers of many varieties have a fragrance so heady that they're used to make potpourri, soap, and perfume; some are also used in cooking.
    • They were at his apartment now, replaced by scented candles and bowls of potpourri.
    • From room deodorizers and potpourri to non-organic breakfasts and sheets that reek of bleach, the typical overnight stay can seem so toxic you'd almost rather stay home.
    • To his relief, he found on opening the box that it was just a bowl for holding potpourri.
    • Besides the smell of cigarettes there was also a faint scent of peppermint potpourri.
    • Lemon verbena is a large, open plant with sandpapery, bright green, lemon-scented leaves used in teas and potpourri and clusters of tiny white flowers.
    • Clear-glass candleholders, vases and potpourri bowls scattered throughout add a reflective sparkle to the room.
    • Dried plant material also makes excellent potpourri and other scented gifts.
    • Their girlfriends keep dragging them out to buy potpourri bowls or faux-Chinese curtains or whatever, and the guys are starting to freak out.
    • The leaves are used in potpourri, teas, and cooking.
    • Gather the petals for potpourri, dry some flowers and make a Christmas wreath, scatter a few fragrant petals in your bath water.
    • Keep candles, potpourri, matches, cigarettes, etc., out of reach.