Traducción de potsherd en Español:


casco de cerámica, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɒtʃəːd//ˈpɑtˌʃərd/


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    casco de cerámica masculino
    trozo de cerámica masculino
    tiesto masculino técnico
    • Brilliant as he was indefatigable, he recreated the Zuni past from their syllables and potsherds.
    • We surface-collected 14 chipped stone artifacts and 29 prehistoric potsherds in the course of five visits to the Robinson site in 1991.
    • Artifacts discovered here included potsherds, some tuyeres, a clay smoking-pipe, oval-shaped pieces of chalk, shells of a variety of saltwater shellfish, and mammalian bones.
    • Other vessels and potsherds are decorated with animal figures that suggest a usage other than the merely pragmatic.
    • The majority of the finds were of fired clay in the form of whole vessels, potsherds, figurines, and pipes.
    • The Mesopotamians gave to the Indus basin the name ‘Meluhha’ and there have been finds of Indus potsherds and artefacts at the royal cemetery at Ur in southern Iraq.
    • He curated an exhibition a couple of years ago which included a letter on a potsherd in Coptic.
    • Prehistoric pottery was abundant in the test pits, with 1,360 potsherds, including 34 rim sherds and 50 decorated body sherds, recovered.
    • They can erase the traces of human settlement with such vigour that, often, nothing remains of a civilisation except a few potsherds, coins and glass beads.
    • Archaeologists are often fearful of drifting too far from the ‘scientific’ rigour of postholes and potsherds into a reliance on what some see as ‘biased’ documents.
    • Burnt lamp grease and potsherds were discovered close to the entrance passage.
    • Among numerous pottery vessels and potsherds, 113 pieces bore 30 incised signs or symbols.
    • The field is still popularly associated more with tents than texts: stones, bones, and potsherds.
    • They are not only not interested in it, but are more interested in broken potsherds.
    • As the dig begins to uncover potsherds, roof tiles, stonework, utensils or even window glass, a picture is beginning to be built up of what a structure may have looked like, or been used for.
    • At Agadagbabou, an abandoned site, about sixty-seven percent of the potsherds recovered were undecorated.
    • Every scrape of my boot uncovered green, blue, and turquoise potsherds.
    • Small postholes containing iron nails, early medieval potsherds and a silver coin of Ethelred II dating to 1010 suggested that the terraces had been revetted by posts.
    • You can't go anywhere really without stumbling over potsherds, coins, bones etc. in some parts of the country.
    • It was a ruin in the making, and my friends and I were camped out amid its potsherds and tumuli.