Traducción de pottage en Español:


potaje, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɒtɪdʒ//ˈpɑdɪdʒ/



  • 1

    potaje masculino
    • I added barley to what remained and boiled it until we had a thick pottage.
    • The pottage would be thickened with oats, barley or bread.
    • Leek pottage was especially popular - but the crops used depended on what a peasant had grown in the croft around the side of his home.
    • So, Horace's simple dish would have been a vegetable stew or pottage, and it is most likely that the lagani added to it were small squares or strips of fried dough.
    • Most meals would have been some form of stew, soup or pottage cooked in a cauldron over the central hearth of the house.
    • For this is all about capitalism - the transfer of loyalties bought for a mess of pottage, or more precisely the chance of a better television deal for the new and unlikely bedfellows.
    • Every day, the pupils would have milk or milk pottage for breakfast, a vegetable-based dinner at midday, and broth with a piece of bread for supper.