Traducción de poultice en Español:


cataplasma, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpəʊltɪs//ˈpoʊltəs/


  • 1

    cataplasma femenino
    emplasto masculino
    • Doctors in those days prescribed mustard poultices or the like and Mother knew all about those.
    • Her mantle cavity's obviously infected, but those poultices you put on the wounds have probably kept her from dying.
    • Sunday was spent applying more unctions, lotions and poultices than any sane person should ever need.
    • Home remedies consisting of poultices, eye irrigations, teas, etc., are liberally provided and described in detail.
    • Over the next two hours she concocted potions to relieve the pain, creams to help the healing, and a poultice to reduce the swelling.
    • The healers have their bandages and their poultices, their medicine and their skill.
    • Such practitioners, known as curanderos, use herb teas and poultices, traditional exercises, incantations, and magical touching to heal.
    • In Java, poultices of the herb are applied to old sores, scurvy, and other skin conditions.
    • She worked quickly, applying several salves, and then a poultice.
    • Believing himself capable of curing his affliction with poultices and antiseptics, he had only delayed the inevitable visit to the doctor's office.
    • You can also use fresh mustard leaves as a poultice.
    • Bandages and poultices covered the burn, and provided enough relief from the pain that she could function normally again.
    • A poultice of unknown contents was applied to the area, with subsequent development of the mass.
    • Turmeric can also be applied topically in poultices to relieve pain and inflammation.
    • Michael insisted on taking care of that himself, bandaging a poultice of herbs over the injury every morning.
    • He beckoned, then pointed at the poultice, and was relieved when the fledgling crawled over with no sign of either suspicion or fear.
    • Massage oils, poultices, steam inhalations, sitz, hand, body and foot baths, gargles and room sprays are the most common methods of administration.
    • My hand traveled down my side and discovered the padding that had been secured to the wound; a rank stench told me that they had used a poultice to keep the infectious humors at bay.
    • Add a drop of lavender essential oil, and make a detoxifying poultice or mask.
    • She knows a lot about herbs and poultices and all that, mostly from her mother, who was a Druid.