Traducción de pour en Español:


verter, v.

Pronunciación /pɔː//pɔr/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (cement/liquid) verter
    (liquid/cement) echar
    (salt/rice/powder) echar
    pour the oil into a bowl vierta / eche el aceite en un bol
    • she poured the tea down the sink tiró el té por el fregadero
    • money has been poured into the project han invertido una gran cantidad de dinero en el proyecto
    • she poured all her energy into her work se volcó totalmente en su trabajo
    • she poured scorn on his ambitions/efforts se burló de sus ambiciones/esfuerzos
    • The inquest heard that Daniel cut the container using broken glass, poured liquid on the floor and set fire to it using a lighter.
    • The healer gently poured a shimmering liquid over the warrior's face.
    • For another, they've taken to tarting up their lattes with leaf-like artwork carved into the foam with subtle tricks of the wrist while pouring the drinks.
    • The tea is poured into earless cups and served with both hands.
    • I shivered as he poured the cool liquid onto my back, and then he began rubbing it in, massaging my back and shoulders.
    • Mats are provided, food is served upon plates and drink is poured into cups.
    • The waiter pours some creamy liquid on the rice.
    • She was smiling to herself, and pouring coffee into a cup.
    • To serve, pour the tea from high above the glasses to aerate and amplify the character of the tea and garnish with mint.
    • She poured a clear liquid from the bottle into her left hand, handed the bottle to Victoria, then rubbed the liquid onto both hands.
    • Mark went to work on him, cleaning the wound, and pouring various liquids on the open wound.
    • Mrs. Jacobs was pouring coffee into a cup over by the sink in the cooking area.
    • I drop two lumps of brown sugar into my cup and pour the coffee and milk in together.
    • However, if you add milk to the cup first and pour tea on top, the milk will be more gradually diluted in the hot water, cooling the tea bit by bit as it is added and will therefore rise in temperature more slowly.
    • He watched her as she walked back to the counter and poured coffee into two cups.
    • They have warned offenders that officers will pour the drink down the drain, as well as contacting their parents.
    • He picked up a cup and absently poured coffee into it.
    • As soon as she poured the liquid onto the sorcerer's wound, she placed her hands over it, and white light instantly erupted from him.
    • Ben picked up a cup and poured coffee into it, then laced in a liberal amount of cream and sugar, stirring it once.
    • I grabbed a cotton ball and carefully poured the liquid on to it.
  • 2

    (drink) servir
    she poured herself a large brandy se sirvió una copa grande de coñac
    • Meanwhile, the viewer watches passively, pouring another drink and eating cookies.
    • We poured our own drinks, dictated which songs should be played and pretty much did whatever we wanted.
    • But as I was pouring a drink for someone standing next to him I finally saw it.
    • It is estimated over half a million cups of coffee were poured in homes and workplaces all over Ireland in aid of the initiative.
    • I sighed and pulled it out, grabbed four cups, and started pouring the drinks.
    • Your cousin Harry pours drinks so strong your hangover gets a hangover?
    • When the correct bottle is brought up from the store and a replacement drink is poured, the waitress slams it down on the table and flounces off.
    • She sat in front of the table as she prepared some food and poured some wine.
    • One night I was pouring my own drinks behind the upstairs bar.
    • She took the orders, dropped the meat into the fryer, scooped the chips, poured the drinks then assembled the burgers.
    • Jim went to the bottle on the coffee table and poured another drink.
    • Dressed, we walked down to the office where the old man was already pouring a drink.
    • Guests poured their own drinks, wrote their own bills and enjoyed great food and live jazz sessions.
    • A woman was bent over next to me, pouring a drink, and heard the conversation.
    • Another worker was in charge of mixing milk shakes and pouring sodas.
    • She pours tea for students in national costume.
    • We make friends with the bartender, and she starts pouring drinks before we even ask for refills.
    • The men pass the time by dictating letters that will never be sent home, acting out films they will never make, and pouring imaginary drinks that will never touch their lips.
    • He poured some tea and drank while watching the rising sun.
    • The drinks are poured at the table from ice-cold bottles, to be downed in one gut-warming gulp.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (blood) manar
    (blood) salir
    people poured out of the stadium grandes cantidades de personas salían del estadio
    • words just pour from her pen las palabras fluyen de su pluma
    • letters came pouring in llegó una avalancha de cartas
    • money poured into the country afluyó mucho dinero al país
    • She felt something press against her lips, and cool water began to pour into her mouth.
    • The words poured from William's mouth in an unpremeditated rush.
    • On the particular occasion that he went to the roof, he had been warned by the first floor tenant that water was pouring in the roof hatch.
    • The climb down the ladder was quite ‘interesting’ due to the cascade of water pouring over your head and down your back!
    • Words were pouring out of your mouth faster than I could register what they were.
    • Another stream of smoke poured out of his mouth and hovered near the ceiling.
    • What followed was over 80,000 cubic meters of peat and water pouring down in a lava-like flow from the mountain point of Dunne's Rock.
    • But water also seemed to pour in from higher up, causing it to flow down Doomgate and into Chapel Street where it flooded homes.
    • Black water is pouring out of taps in private houses and residents fear that their health may be put at risk.
    • A thin stream of water poured into it, stopping when the glass was full.
    • But instead of a large bang or a flash of color a stream of water poured from her fingertips, like she was a human fountain.
    • Their efforts were dampened slightly when a huge cascade of water came pouring over them.
    • You can tell, because all the water from the stream pours into the ground through a two-inch slit in the rockbed.
    • Carefully lifting the bowl, she tilted it ever-so-slightly, and the water poured slowly into his mouth.
    • Her answer poured from her mouth rapidly, as if to hint that she didn't really want to talk about him.
    • She laid a hand on his arm, stilling the flood of jumbled thoughts and rambling words that poured from his mouth.
    • Water was pouring over the lip of the roof in front of my windows like a waterfall and I couldn't see beyond it.
    • Suddenly, a cascade of water started pouring down, starting to rapidly fill the room.
    • Water poured off of the roof (what was left of it), and flooded the driveway and street.
    • Once you break the rim of the bowl and the water pours in, it's not like an ordinary flood, where the water comes and it goes.
  • 2

    (serve tea, coffee)
    shall I pour? ¿sirvo?
  • 3

    (jug/vessel) verter

verbo impersonal

  • 1

    llover torrencialmente
    llover a cántaros
    it's pouring (down/with rain) está diluviando