Traducción de powder horn en Español:

powder horn

chifle, n.


  • 1

    chifle masculino
    • What to do with the powder horn, jar of foul-smelling trap bait, bullet molds, inflatable India-rubber pillow, small foot-shaped stones ideal for heating and dropping inside wet boots, and on and on multiplied indefinitely?
    • In 1956 my parents bought me a Davy Crockett costume complete with powder horn and coonskin cap.
    • The first section, ‘Men's Activities,’ includes objects such as a powder horn inscribed and decorated by its owner, decoys, and scrimshaw.
    • He commandeered a powder horn from one of the men.
    • A .45 caliber cap-and-ball rifle, complete with set triggers, bullet mould and powder horn given me by another uncle, was traded for something I can't even remember now.