Traducción de power breakfast en Español:

power breakfast

desayuno de trabajo, n.


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    desayuno de trabajo masculino
    • It mounted a robust election campaign, which included boisterous, well-managed rallies and even a Western-style meet-the-press power breakfast on the eve of polling.
    • But even you, with your morning cardio and your power breakfast, are not immune to the black hole known as afternoon.
    • Limelight serves the very best of international fare, from power breakfasts to special intimate dinners.
    • We, the hungry press, were on time for our power breakfast, but Nvidia wasn't.
    • I was meeting Amy for a New York style power breakfast.
    • Our team enjoyed a power breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon before putting on their climbing harnesses and backpacks and heading out.
    • Now advised that, even as his brain storms, his body is sustaining a hurricane of dangerous oxidants, will Gordon Brown rethink his power breakfast?
    • Enjoy your Fusion powered breakfast!
    • This summer, the hot subject at talent agencies and power breakfasts here has been the HBO series "Entourage."
    • But on this occasion the men decided the prospect of the mammoth La Vista power breakfast was too good to worry about the little extra we would have to pay.
    • That morning, Nick had woken him at five thirty exactly, forcing him to wolf down a hastily made power breakfast.
    • The power breakfast comprised bacon, sausage, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and hashbrowns with thick slices of sourdough bread making for hearty servings indeed.
    • But it's the hotel's power breakfasts that attract captains, kings, senators, actors and governors.
    • Can you go to the Regency Hotel and order a power breakfast, and say "Bring me a Slim Fast, or do you have to bring your own?"
    • An Environmental Associate with the law firm Sidley Austin Brown & Wood, Trisha discovered the power breakfast to top them all.
    • You can have your egg-white omelette or met-Rx bar; I've found my new power breakfast.
    • The Americans invented the term power breakfast and I've seen it appearing on numerous hotel menus, especially in New York.
    • My favorite "power breakfast" is one of these with about a 1/2 TBS of peanut butter for spreading, and 8 oz. or so of skim milk.
    • "If you can have power breakfasts and power lunches, why not power naps?"
    • I just don't do the star parties or the private screenings or the power breakfasts any more than I absolutely have to.