Traducción de power pack en Español:

power pack

transformador, n.


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    (adaptor) transformador masculino
    (battery) pila femenino
    • The phone was connected to a power pack the size of a car battery (like something you might expect to see being used to relay military commands to mud filled trenches during the First World War).
    • It is precisely their considerably lower power consumption that ensures that power packs will no longer be needed.
    • It is portable, user-friendly and operates on a battery-connected power pack.
    • There was a small beep as the unit activated from its small, but efficient power pack.
    • You could add a second transformer, splitting the load between 2 power packs, or purchase a power pack with a wattage rating high enough to handle the entire load.
    • The power pack, consisting of the engine and transmission system, is configured for ease of maintenance and are quickly and easily replaced in the field.
    • The battery is charged wirelessly via induction from an external power pack and provides 30 minutes of operation if the charger is removed.
    • Usually with units this size, you're forced to ship it to the factory to install a new and pricier power pack.
    • The phaser's power pack is long since depleted, and the motor is discarded.
    • Get a few spare batteries or a power pack and you will not regret it.
    • Add lights as desired keeping total bulb wattage at or below the power pack's (transformer's) maximum output rating.
    • A metallic scratching grabbed my attention, complete with robotic whirrs and a sound I knew to be a power pack charging up for use.
    • Top on the list of gadgets is the hydraulic power pack.
    • As the batteries run low, patients simply strap on a power pack that recharges the batteries via radio waves beamed through their skin.
    • To keep your weapons supplied with power you must collect power packs, which usually appear when an enemy has been vanquished.
    • If you are using a pond kit that operates on a 12-volt power supply, you can locate your pond up to 50 feet away from the system's outdoor power pack.
    • Time and money would be better spent helping battery makers produce power packs capable of powering a notebook for a week or so on a single charge.
    • Mitochondria are known as the power pack of cells, energizing them like batteries do flashlight bulbs.
    • The revolutionary concept of placing the power pack in front was maintained.
    • The external power pack is also small enough to be worn or carried, which affords patients reasonably normal mobility.
    • This woman had a friend hook up a power pack from an electric fence to the windshield wiper.
    • The only light comes from my lap-top, generated by my personal power pack.