Traducción de prance en Español:


brincar, v.

Pronunciación /præns//prɑːns/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (horse) brincar
    (horse) hacer cabriolas
    • Her horse raises its legs up high and prances with pride past them.
    • The horses snorted and pranced in place, apparently sensing the oncoming danger.
    • I sat on my stained carpeted floor and watched the kitty prance around my room on an adventure, as I had for the past four days.
    • She watched the deer prance between trees and the small fox run across the path.
    • Behind her, a horse - his horse - pranced about nervously, whinnying.
    • As the cat in the title, he magically prances through the land of imagination.
    • The filly pranced into the winner's circle in high spirits.
    • Every bump my horse pranced over made my stomach clench dangerously.
    • Upon our approach, the roan whinnied and pranced a few steps, skittish.
    • Families and organizations sponsored the carving of each of the 38 ponies that prance around the carousel, which opened in 1995.
    • A beautiful silver horse had pranced out of the sky and lifted her up with it, carrying her away from any problems or dangers.
    • It's been like a miracle - he runs, prances, rolls on his back, just like he used to.
    • The man didn't glance in the woman's direction, but kept his attention on the auburn-haired girl in front of him, his horse prancing.
    • While many horses pranced or leapt from the trailer, he walked slowly down the ramp like a seasoned pro.
    • The horses pranced and reared in anxious impatience.
    • The horse was prancing excitedly, as if he was proud of himself as well.
    • Behind her, the horses pranced, and Smith flinched.
    • He led her through the stables and out the back door to a fenced in area where several horses were prancing about.
    • After the last stallion pranced out of the arena, they brought out pens and slatted gates for the sheepdog trial.
    • He slowed his horse to what was intended to be a walk, but really resembled an elevated prance as he strained forward, trying to run.
  • 2despectivo

    she pranced into the room wearing her new dress entró meneándose / pavoneándose con el vestido nuevo
    • he comes prancing in at any time he chooses entra como Pedro / Perico por su casa cuando se le da la gana
    • The cast prances, postures, and palpitates appositely, fully aware that real acting would be de trop.
    • Watching him prance around the stage in that goofy knee-raising hop is quite a sight.
    • He then side-steps to his right and then prances off to his left with his baton still raised.
    • Is it that we like to dress up and put on makeup and dance and prance around?
    • Irene stands up and prances around the campfire.
    • The five of us watched them prance around to rather lame and aging dance material before we all wandered off in search of something more stimulating.
    • I'll open this when I'm inside - I'm not sure you want to be there when I shriek with joy and prance all over the house with them on.
    • Girls in tight, tiny clothing prance along in groups, following good-looking boys with baggy pants and colorful shirts.
    • I think I'll just prance outside looking like the Bride of Frankenstein's ugly stepsister and scare everyone into unconsciousness.
    • He's the fit-looking man whose dancing frames glint in the sunlight as he spins, moonwalks and prances to a boom box, never stumbling or missing the beat.
    • He wears iridescent formal clothes, prances around with a tapering rod that ignites anything it touches, and trails a gust of hot air.
    • The young man struts, prances, like a kind of teenage prankster, with stink bombs and remote control detonators.
    • This woman's step is light; she positively prances.
    • Because today I would have my fun watching that man prance around in my scarf.
    • I don't just prance up to her and hand it over, do I?
    • The guy in the rat mask, who is apparently also a milk man, prances around on stage for several seconds before the house wife takes an interest in his antics and approaches.
    • There was no way, however, that I could just prance up to his chambers and demand that he explain himself.
    • She prances off backstage and I have to physically hold myself back from a scowl.
    • I'm starting to see the whole experience as a bizarre holiday, behaving like an uninvited guest who dresses up and prances around the football pitch every evening.
    • Do you think you can just prance around like that without me knowing where you're going?