Traducción de prate en Español:


parlotear, v.

Pronunciación /preɪt//preɪt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    parlotear coloquial
    to prate about sth parlotear sobre algo coloquial
    • So, I'm not going to stop prating on and on about my favorite sport, but I won't do it nearly as much.
    • It's even worse for them to prate about privacy when it's clearly just a PR move.
    • Our culture is riven with ambiguity; we prate of our history but erase anything inconvenient from our collective hard-drive.
    • As late as December, 1997 he was prating to MPs about the need for water in Scotland ‘to remain unambiguously in public ownership and to be clearly democratically accountable’.
    • How we dare even prate about democracy is beyond me.